Saturday, February 14, 2015

Adventure 46

I just love today's outfit.  I was scanning Marketplace earlier this morning and just few in love with it. Since it was so gorgeous I rushed over to check out what else they had.  And I'm in love.  They have a wall full of group gifts.  The group is free & it gives you 10% off of your purchases.

So I grabbed this outfit from Marketplace, for 1L.  It's really awesome and the ass is great.  The hair is a group gift from Tableau Vivant.

OK enough rambling...But serious go check it out.

Toking up and moving Northwest I land on Cookie Dunkers.  Gotta love the name.  As I landed I was greeted by a very friendly owner Karissa.  Since I know every little about the milking part of SL she gave it to me in a nutshell.

MusedMaid's a milking system that lets you lactate & store your milk.  There is also something called Studpump which does the same for sperm as the milk.  You can also sell or purchase milk or sperm.

They have carts out in their courtyard where you can rent to sell your Mused items, sperm & milk. For the big stand its 75L a week for 25 prims, Small stand is 25L for 12 prims.

To get more information perv this

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My next location is Karu Karu.  A pretty well known latex clothing company.. A lot of the clothes are very revealing with bare spots and zippers in naughty places.
Most of the outfits come with more then one layer to show it normal then unzipped.

They make some awesome shoes & boots as well.  Although they are NOT Slink friendly they are really gorgeous.

One of the rooms is sectioned off for a small strip mall section.  Some of the stores include Pigments, Larry, Alessandra, Benoir, Sintimacy & Latex Station.

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Headed just a bit more East to Battery Park, New York City.  I first land in an information building, there is a teleport to send you to different places of the sims that are connected.  I will be focusing just on the Art Walk on this stroll but I encourage you to check out the other locations. Such as Autism Awareness Center, Health Challenge Diabetes, Community Clinic & Shops, Wilson Medical Center, Long Island Montauk Lighthouse Hampton Art Village, Hudson Valley Market, Athens-Hudson Lighthouse, & Wollman Skating Rink.

Stepping out the back of the building, you can hail a cab to get around, but for my purpose I think Ill just go for a walk.

There are 3 major attractions in the park.  There is the Sea Carousel, where you can lay on a water creature and become part of the artwork.  There's also a Labyrinth to walk through.  And check out Castle Clinton, a national monument.

If you walk wards the water, you will see a row of pretty artwork.  Take a stroll through it and check out all the amazing art.  Along with the art sculptures throughout the park.

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This stroll is ending up interesting when I went East I found New York.  Then the next location was to go West and ended up in a place called Viper Room. Although in RL the Viper Room is not a strip club, but it is a club.  In SL the Viper Room is strip club.

Before you go into the strip club.  There are rent boards on the side of the building.  Walking through the door, you can check out the awesome artwork on the walls. Once you get inside there is a bar on the side where you can have a drink while you check out the dancers on the stage. 400L gets them topless, & 800L to get them naked.

This place is a freelance place so you must join the group to be able to use the stage and tip jar.

Once you get up there there's the Greedy table, and a teleport on the wall to go to the penthouse suite which is quite elegant.  The bed has many functions with it. You can play out RL scenarios like cuddling, foreplay, and sex.

**Lag Rating: 3

Going deep southeast from Viper Club I fall upon UnZipped Steampunk & Gothic. The building is an exquisite build in itself, but behind the place that you land is a gorgeous. As they have done a steampunk Serpent called Tessie. By the look of it this place is gonna take a bit to report on lol.

Since this place is so huge I started on the far left side of the building first.  By the dating of the pictures I would say this is where the held the other clothing.

Walking through to the other door you can see more recent work. The outfits are pricey but you get so much for the linden.  You get many options with the same texture.  There are 5 options in a package, long dress, mini dress, pants, prim skirt & Capris.  Not all outfits have that many options but a lot do.

Now in the middle of the building.  The grand entry way, per se (yeah I had to it lol).  Where they have their new releases, group gifts, statues, and a petites section.

Moving on to the Goth Fantasy Avatars, skins & accessories.  The newer clothes are made out of mesh.  Some come with hair as well.  Check the signs for items that are Tango friendly.  Outfits come with boots as well.

Going further into the store at what I think is the last room in the building.  They have mesh petites with clothing, and different creature avatars.  Maybe your looking for hooves or a spike spine down your back.  Check it out if your into being something other then human.

There's a teleport system that will help you around if you don't want to fly like I did to check out everything.

**Lag Rating: 2

Until Tomorrow

~ JL


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