Sunday, January 3, 2016

Adventure 119

Learning this mesh body thing has been an experience, I'm so glad I have Pix around to help me out. Since I got it I've been running around buying some stables. Last nights pick up was this outfit at F'N'Hawt.  There is so much there I love, I'm gonna end up buying out the store I just know it.

Picture taken @ F'N'Hawt  

Today's kick off will be at the Cilvil War RP sim.  I'm gonna zoom through and be quick with this one as my attire is not right.

This sim is here for the purpose of education and interactive RP. Dress code is enforced in Victorian (1860) era, 1860-1865 weapons.  Child avatars are allowed but forbidden to participate in sex RP  If you take something out to use during your RP be a doll and pick it up. There is sex permitted on land but not in public, and must be done in IM's.

So to participate you must wear the right clothing, us the HUD, play your character realistically. Animal avatars are welcome.  But no furries.  If you're gonna be an animal, make sure its to the native period.

In the USA in 1860 to 1865 we had a cultural destruction that changed ways of life forever. The Civil War tore apart families, friends & relationships.  Civil War RP  is an educational and interactive role-play group and land. They strive to preserve the American Civil War era lifestyle and teach those visiting.

The place is scattered with horses, tents, and cannons.  Set up as realistic as possible. They also have furnished homes for rent.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next up is EMBW.  It's a small retail store.  They provide gothic hair styles for both male and female. The way the store is set up is a cutesy gothic way.  .Displays are set up as little coffins.

On the other side of the store are several different pairs of eyes. If you're looking for nice ones that are original take a look here.

Against the wall are socks, leggings and tights.  If you go around back you'll find the little play area as what I call it.  Back here you can find the gacha's and lucky boards.

** Lag Rating: 2

Off to the next spot going Southeast to Bound Anthro Lounge.  A cute spot set up with nice leather chairs to sit on.  This is a casual BDSM furry lounge.  Where furries can come and meet likeminded furries.

This place has BDSM items spread around the elegantly done lounge.  Out for all to see.  There is a treasure chest where you can pick up some free mesh cuffs and a blindfold.

If privacy is more your thing they supply 2 private rooms.  Although free there are a few rules that need to be followed to keep them there.  Using one of the private rooms, don't just stand around. There may be others that would like to use it.  You can use it as a quick changing room, but no long sits.  being a member of the group allows you to be able to put down your own items.  But clean up after yourself.

Take the elevator to the rooftop pool or the skydome.

** Lag Rating: 2

Heading East  takes me to Nikotin.  The original smoke established 2008.  When you first land there's soem christmas stuff out.  I think it's just a special their doing because when you go inside its all about the smoke.

Going to the right when you first walk in there's a dealers Kitchen. You can choose what kind of things are on your table like weapons, money stock, or product.  Can't make up your mind then get the full pack.  This is great for Urban RP sims.

The thing that is great about these items is they give you several choices how to customize your own items.  Like cruising a bit more I stumble on some Vapes.

And where would a girl be without her bong.  Well if you're looking for some they have some awesome ones here.  Wanna make your sim more dingy, then pick up some cigarette butts to scatter around your place to get the right effect.

You never know what you will run into in SL.  As I kept walking on I found a cocaine knife & bag. Remember, its better to do the dirty shit in SL then try it in RL lol.

If you're more of a pipe smoker they have of them here for you to pick from.

Now onto the star of the show the actual these high quality Cigarettes, Cigars and Joints.  There's an actual process.  Step one, you have 3 shapes to choose from the joint & cigar.  The cigarette has 5 shapes to choose from.  Step two you pick the color addons.  The cigar has several levels labels you can pick.

You can control each item with a resizer slider, color smoke, animations, exhaler mouth/nose/ring, transparency of smoke, ash fall, and switching cig from mouth to hand.  They have 6 different smoke patterns to choose from.

Near the door they have a section of gachas. They are full of interesting cigarettes papers, and even a bong bottle lol.

The other side of the building they have high quality boots, and some really awesome construction boot high heels chicks need to check out.

** Lag Rating: 2

Last direction today was North.  So I shot way up north and caught Naughty Pleasures.  This place is a furniture store.  You can find beds, couches, dressers, & tables.  Complete bedroom sets for 2499L.

The beds have m/f, 3somes, lesbian, gay, fetish & BDSM.  They come with 425+ custom animations. There is a button that says "Attachment"  that makes another menu come up.  When the menu comes down you can get cuffs, dildos, ballgag, flogger, strap on, paddle, blindfold, whip & butt plugs.

Don't forget to make your way upstairs and check out the living room furniture.  It comes with 380+ custom animations and the complete living room set costs 1799L.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL


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