Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Adventure 118

A few days ago Pix and I called a bunch of people together to lower the price of this skirt at Sn@tch.  It was in the Riot Vendor.  And found the top on marketplace for a linden.  Pix went to bed early so it looks like I'm going solo...Music running through my head... Riding Solo by Jason Derulo.

Picture taken @ Captive Niggas Cuntz, Location # 5 

Using my trusty to scramble directions for me the first location is East.  So I started off from my shop, staying close to my store land I find "Key To My Heart" Dating Service.

Before you even get in there's a Card Against Humanity. It's a great way to get to know the person. There's several ways of playing it, you can learn a lot.

Going inside they have it well organized with women on one side and men on the other.  This place is a bit different from the other dating places I've seen.  They actually give you the name of the picture. That way you can start a conversation off the bat.  Gives you a chance to maybe find something in common before waiting for them to "like" you back.

** Lag Rating: 2

North of Key To My Heart is Alpha Gym.  This blog is starting to form its theme, and it seems like heart, body and sole.  The first location was for the heart, and this place is about the body..

To the right you see some monkey bars for some outside exercise.  To the left there's a hang out spot, going back a bit further and there's a stage for power lifting.

Before you go in the actual gym part there are doors one for both man and female, they are locker rooms which is set up for use. On the side of that there's a door which opens into the gym.  You can even grab a towel off the rack.

Plastered on the walls are motivational sayings to keep you pumped.  Speaking of pumped.  This place is set up like a true gym with towels and dirty towel bins.  Exercise equipment scattered about, along with some heavy bags. Back further they have gymnastic pads out like high beam and pommel horse.

Under the stairs is the sauna and tanning booths.

The back part of the gym is more for your soul.  A place to calm your nerves and relax in front of a fire, or do some yoga.  Going up the black stairs you will come across another yoga spot, but also have massage tables.

If you keep walking up the stairs there's a platform that has a wrestling mat out.  On the top floor there is a boxing ring.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next direction takes me to Southeast which is perfect because my favorite hair store in all of SL is in that direction.  So Iand in a place I know well.  Tameless.  When I first found them years ago, they just had hair, some eyelashes, full avatars and piercings.

They have grown dramatically throughout the years.  Now not only are they doing those things I mentioned but now they are doing clothing as well.

All the newer clothing is Omega friendly along with TMP, Slink and Baby Bump.  Look closely at the item before you purchase, make sure if you want the hair with the outfit, that its the full avatar instead of just the outfit.

When you first walk in before it separates out into sections.  Look around the main room with all the nifty deals she has going on like the items you can get with a group discount, normal discounts, lucky chairs, gachas and even group gifts.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

More on that body, mind and soul thing.  This place, The Cannabis Cup, will help all three.  I've been doing this stroll for about a year now and 2 places in a week where I find weed spots.  And not on purpose lol.

Walking into the place you can see that they have pot for sale. What weed coffee shop wouldn't have it?  Then you go inside and there are some chairs surrounding a Hookah.

Looking around you can see stuff on the wall like something you would expect from a mancave. Multiple seating, vending machines that has soda and rolling papers. Off to the side of the bar is a cove that has seating with windows all around to check out the trippy yard outside.

Go through the trippy art to the right.  Make your way up the stairs and hang out in the iron igloo where they have seating on the ground surrounding a lava lamp.  Somewhere to just chill and have a conversation.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The last place doesn't fit the theme of the stroll, but come on lets face it.  If I didn't throw at least one dirty sim in the mix I'd need my temperature checked.

Today's last place is called Captive Niggas Cuntz.  By the name of the place I am assuming this is a RP sim that focuses on interracial dominance.  First off I want to apologize to any that I may offend. I am completely unpolitically correct.

There's a stack of money towards the landing.  This takes you to 15 different spots on the sim you can find things to do.  Things like the Cinema, club house, Car lot, Church, Hotel, Motel, Nightclub, Sewer, Subway, Warehouse, Game Room, Prison View, Redlight District, Tattoo Parlor, and Mon3y's Office,

But before you go to any of those locations you should move forward and read the rules before entering.  This place is pretty dirty, so if you lean on the vanilla sided this place might not be for you.

All collars must be open while you're here.  In the wording of the place, Cunts are required to greet all by offering themselves in any way at any time.  Clothing is permitted in Da Hood, but they must be slutty.  There's no just hangin' around, you must be active in the sim.  Women must be willing to do anything a man tells them to do at any time, immediately or risk getting ejected and banned. Females must NOT respond to IM's.  They hide nothing talk and fuck openly and in local.

This is more than just a fuck spot.  It's a community that take the rules above seriously.  Where you must be careful of traps and BDSM toys scattered about..  If you're into interracial relations and being subservient come enjoy a dark urban living RP.  Other things that are permittable here are Mama Allpa, Open Collar, Slavery, rape, kidnap, humiliation and force breeding.

As an approved member of the sim women will get a tag "Captive Cunts" which are to stay on the sim to RP.  And not taken to other places.  You have to use them here.  Girls just checking it out can join the group as a "Visiting Cunt".  If you don't show up on the sim after 3 days you're kicked.

Only serious players need apply to the invitation only group by getting a hold of the owner, Mon3ryManiac.

For more information check out:

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL


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