Sunday, December 13, 2015

Adventure 112

I promised I'd be back.  The last stroll I did was the first one I've done in a while.  Thank you all for making my comeback a success.  Now I can't promise that I'll be doing it everyday, obviously.  But I will try to do at least 2 or 3 a week.

Today I'm going to bring you on my travels through the landmarks in my inventory.  Some places I found interesting I thought you might appreciate.

The outfit that I'm wearing today is from my buddy, Frozen Rage, AKA Sinister Minister.  He along with 9 other friends contribute to Venomous Rage Designs.

Picture taken @ The Fuck Spot Location # 5

Just going as they appear in my inventory.  First up is a new event, called Hairology.  A place where talented hair designers get together and making life joyous for us hair whores.  This is round 2 so you didn't miss much.

This round has stores like: No Match, Kokolores, Amacci, Emo-tions, En Vogue, Due, Tameless, Alice Project, Oblivion, Mina, Pink Hustler, Taketomi, Analog Dog, Fiore, Beusy, Olive, Ayashi, Mithral Apothecary, Elika Tira, Vanity Hair, Damselfly, Wasabi Pills, Calico, Besom, Bade, Tukiowaguma, Boon, Phoenix, Runaway, Cheveux, Asset, & Lovey Dovey.

Design hair? Interested in participating? All the details and application is on their blog

** Lag Rating: 2.5

So it's Christmas time again, and I started this blog around this time last year.  Funny how things go, this year I met Leo, someone I instantly clicked with, but it fell apart almost as fast as it started.  Then someone that I met doing this stroll Cai stumbled back in my life.  He even did some strolls with me. It's cool to reconnect.

Anyway I got off topic.  The mention of Christmas is the next location Lightening Video has a Christmas them outside before you even head in to see what's going on.  There are small houses scattered around the snow.  They are part of an event that is done every year called Christmas Village.  These small houses are available for free during December. First come first serve bases.

Inside the building is a movie purchase and/or rental place. It's been here for ages.  My Xhusband and I use to sit down to at least a movie a week snuggling up at home.  Yeah there movie theaters around where you can check out the latest movies.  Even some of the TV's have the movies built in.  But if you don't have that fancy stuff @ your place this is a perfect alternative.

Now there's a few ways you an go about it.  You can purchase one of the TV from the place and deed it to your land along with the movie DVD player you need to purchase.  Now you don't NEED a TV you can simply rez a box make it whatever size you want slap the sims logo on the object and you just made a new TV.  Back to the DVD Player thing.  To save prims you'll wanna pick up a DVD player for 100L.  Once you get it put it on the floor so you can put your movies in it.  Sure beats having them scattered on the ground.  Once you sync your movie with your DVD player it will always be in the DVD player if you BOUGHT it.  If you rented it, it just stops playing after the set time and you can just delete it.

Another thing that's new.  Well new to me is they down to CD's as well.  You can buy albums from movie sound tracks and other genres. You can program your own URL's in them as well, and listen to them through the stereo.  This is flipping awesome. Stereos are 199L and so are the CDs.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a couple or a family that has full land rights. Get them a gift card to pick up a movie.  Movies are pretty fresh.  New releases are every Tuesday and cost 425L. Classic movies are 375L a piece. 7 Day Rentals are 150L,

** Lag Rating: 2.5

One night Leo and I were out with our daughter and she kept talking about this place that has rubber ducky races.  I thought she was kidding.  She took us to a place called Gos Mainstore.  I have yet to find their main store but they had a huge water track for rubber ducky racing.  They even have a score board that times how long it takes you to get around it.

When you land you'll be right in front of a huge yellow rubber ducky. Click the big red button for it to rezz your own to ride.  Bring your friends and make some bets. Some interesting find when you're bored and need some fun.

I was able to find the teleport system that takes you to other places in the store.  There is an eyewear section, footwear, watches, furniture and even an espresso cafe.

Looking around in the store, their items are so life like. They barely look like SL ads at all.  Very realistic and decently priced.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

About a month and a half ago Pix, Leo & I rented a good chunk of land.  Thinking of how we were going to design it I ran into this place.

The Cube Republic is a store where you can find things to actually set up your sim.  There is a sign and either a sample by it or a teleport where you can do a walk through.

You can find things like hanging ivy, caves, robe crossing, flowers, trees, rocks, foliage, docks, lamp posts, off sim decorating.  Really anything you can think of they have in this room.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

A few days ago I was going through my old landmarks.  And one said HOME.  Now I've moved a few times since going through my landmarks to throw them away.  Curiosity hit me and I clicked it. I looked around and the build looked like the place I use to share with Cai.  It didn't hit me till he came over in a new avi to show me the place.

He has now turned what use to be our home into a place called The Fuck Spot.  A place where people meet to have orgies, threesomes, bukkake, or gangbangs.  Which is only fitting.  He always was a dirty one.

You land in almost a gallery like entrance.  Most of the tiny sections has stripper poles but a few have the BDSM cross, and a cuddle spot.

The first room has kinda a study feel with wooden table and chairs in the middle with some beanbags around for cuddling.  And so much more.

Almost everything you can sit on here you can fuck on.  It's kinda funny to see our old bedroom set up with an orgy bed.  And different sex couches about.

What use to be our living room is now filled with adult chairs, air mattress and a big circle orgy couch.

** Lag Rating: 2

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