Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Adventure 114

Hope you've been enjoy the last few strolls I've been doing since I got back. Today I'm just doing it old style and using the map to guide my way.

The outfit I'm wearing today is from a friend of mine Kimmy's. She's the owner of Pretty-N-Pink. You get the long sweater dress, leggings and boots.  In Exxess they have this cute hair available as a gift.

Picture taken @ Spice It Up Photography Location # 2

So looking on the map, I found this place called Loon's Mens Clothing.  When I landed I saw that there is actually a women's shop her as well called Sea Breeze Mesh Clothing.

When you land on the left is Sea Breeze and Loon's Men's Clothing to the right.  Each store is 3 stories of clothing for both sexes.  Also in each store they have a few group gifts out.  And the groups free.

The clothes type is semi-formal, formal.  With real decent prices.

** Lag Rating: 2

In SL people have many talents.  Some can make clothes, skins, or there are people like me that can barely get around gimp but enjoy the advertising ways of getting things done. And of course since I do this blog I enjoy photography. Personally I like raw pictures, not messed with by Gimp or PS. But there are many people out there that are fantastic with it. If you are unfortunately to have a pic savvy friend Photography places are awesome.

My next stop is Spice It Up Photography.  Which I have to say as almost instant customer service. Within 3 minutes of letting things rezz, and kinda look around I was contacted by a friendly photographer.

There are 4 different photographers you can choose from. They have pictures on the wall and a link where you can check out their Flickrs.  Click the big white board for prices.

They offer individual photos for profiles, or just normal pictures.  Couples or group shots. You can also get Business logos, Invitations, & Announcements.  If your looking for portfolios or weddings they are available for that as well.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going from Photography to Gambling.  I land on a place called Pirate Booty.  Leo and I spent a lot of time here playing what I call bottles.

I don't really get the whole percentage to pot & percentage achievements.  But if you enjoy games like Reel Wild Progressive, Doggie Style, Fireball, Royal Gems, Ice Cream, Devil Hunt, Bugz, Enchanted , Pot-O-Gold, Party Crasher check ou this place.

In the middle of the place they have some freeplay games set up.  I believe its one of each game available.  Every time I introduce someone to a new game I always suggest they try it out on freeplay first so they get the hang of it.

** Lag Rating: 2

KMADD is the next place on today's adventure.  I remember this place as being one of the leading men fashion places.  If you are looking for high quality male hair this is the place to come.  Ladies if your men are in strong need of a make over start here.

When you land at the place there is a big board in the middle of the room.  There you can join the group for product updates, events, group gifts, and discounts.  If you don't have any more left click the scribo.

They focus strongly on hair. Creative male styles although some can be unisex, and the do hae a section of women hair. The hair is more of a edgier product.  Somewhat on the skater type of hair. There is even a section hairs with hats.

There is even a board out that let you know what the best sellers are, and what is essential for your inventory.

When you walk around keep your eyes out for freebies that are scattered about, so far I've found some free hair bases, and an afro.

Speaking of hairbases.  If you're looking for something a bit fancier than your basic hair base. KMADD does designer ones as well.  One of my favorite hairs is a half shaven do, so coming here and finding some amazing work for hairbases are a bonus.  There are tons of them to pick from.

For those ladies that are looking for Couture type hair.  Search no more.  They have very interesting styles for your couture photographs.

It looks like the designer has gather some of the most talented skin makers and have them put some skins up at his store making it a true one stop shop.  You can find shapes, poses, and looks like they are introducing clothes here too.

** Lag Rating: 2

Last stop for the day is just gorgeous, Unicorn Ranch.  When I landed I thought it would be one of those stable type places. But this place is breathtaking.  Set up like a forest with paths to take.

Starting off on the beach, there's a red box in the sand that you can click for an inter tube and enjoy the waves. Over the bridge, past the waterfalls, follow the path to the deck.  There you will find a teleport system that will give you choices.  You start out at the Ground Canyon.  But you can also explore Equestrian Center, Indy Car Race, Branagas Barn and Club Unicorn.

From the Ground Canyon to the Equestrian Center.  This is more of what I was expecting.  The rest is just a bonus.  You land in front of a nice fountain.  Then turn around and there will be a track, where you can see them race.  Past the track there is a big red barn to house them.

If you and your friends or family are looking for somewhere to have some fun.  Come to the Indy Races @ Unicorn Ranch. They have a big a track out and their races cars are unlocked for you to use.  Bring the kids, or your squeeze to a fun day at the races.

Making a loop around the track, heading to Branagh's Barn. This place is set up like a real ranch, like unicorns grazing in the pasture.  A place to be cared for, cleaned and fed.  The barn that says "Sales & Office" is where you can purchase one for your own land.

I was about to take the teleport to the last location but noticed that you can walk the small path back to the dock of the Ground Canyon.  It's a very thin path but beautiful.

Taking the teleport to Club Unicorn landing in the stars.  The place is just beautiful, walking among the start to the club. Inside is magical.  A chance to dance on the stars, and surrounded by unicorns of course.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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