Thursday, December 24, 2015

Adventure 116

So I finally broke down and went mesh.  Something I have been fighting for ages.  I so loved my system body I didn't think that I could make the mesh body look the way I want.  I must admit I'm digging it.  This is my first outfit I'm blogging with my new mesh body.

Ok so onto the stroll.  And for those ladies that are single looking for some nice well put together men, you should definitely check out CockBar.  It's a CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Men) place. Where women can meet, dance and enjoy the company of naked men.  And face it ladies.  What kills the mood more than hookin' up with someone tripping their clothes off and their cocks don't match. Well this way you can make sure before you get intimate.

When you get here there's a fork either if your a man you go to the right.  There is a dressing room, where you can strip down for the ladies.

In the dressing room there is a small list of rules.  These are to make the environment safe for the ladies.  Rule #1:  This is not for tips.  Rule #2: AO's must be on when not dancing. (No one wants to noob out.) Rule #3: Your ass and penis must be visible at all times. Rule #4: Women must IM first, unless asked permission in local chat.

There's a welcome pack which includes: Hug/kiss hud, bow tie, coffee, AO, cuffs, beer, drinks, red wine.  These items will help the experience be more entertaining.

Once you come in the place is very classy with nice couches scattered around the strip poles. Something I haven't seen anywhere else is a carousel of stripper poles.  As they dance the stand they are on goes around, where all the ladies can get a great view.  So come enjoy hot men, great blues music and make some friends.

So you found yourself a hottie and wanna do the naughty.  You don't have to figure out where to go, if you go toward the door you came in there's a teleport  You have 4 locations you can choose from. Hot tub/Massage, Orgy Sex Room, Fetish Room, and Office Room.

CockBar prides themselves on natural traffic as they do you not use bots campers or alts to boost the numbers.  Every time I go there it's packed.  And I go various times of the day.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

I was lucky enough to have my Pix to guide me to the right mesh body to choose.  Since she knows me so well I trusted her.  But for those that are completely lost when it comes to the applier question. You should come check out Omega Solutions.

Landing you see this big sign that says that Omega applier will solve the applier nightmare,  So whatever mesh body you choose you can use the Omega applier for that product.  New mesh bodies are poppin' up all the time, for men too.

Don't wanna go full mesh body, well the Omega also supports Tango and Phat Azz also.

There is 6 levels of this place.  The first level shows you all the types of boobies, booties and full body mesh items that are out there.  All you have to do is click the picture and get the landmark to check out the product.

Also around the corner from the display of bodies, there is a NC Converters.  The kits let you take NC's from several popular applier companies and use them for the Omega Enabled Meshes.

New to the mesh thing and looking for some clothes to go with it. Look across the bodies and check out Love & Lust.  They have all sorts of clothes to help you get started on your journey.  Or the second floor gives you another choice with Pixel Perfect.

Mesh Boobies: Cherry Bombs, Venus, Lolas, Vstring, Boinkas, Skiing, Story Leaf, Gummies, Ta-tas, G. Inc

Mesh Booties: Jiggle Booty, Perfect Bum, Phat Azz

Mesh Bodies: Lady, Anthro.Anim, Belleza, Ebody, Eve, Fat Fitted, Perfect Body, Immortals, Kitties, Tiff, Lena, Maitreya, Real Doll, Shade, Selina, Serious, Orange Nova, Sling, Sking, Tonic, Fusion, Tiny Things, Dev, Mandua's Muscles

On floor 2 there are kits for ladies, floor 3 are kits for men and kiddies, floor 4 is for mesh heads, hands, nails,  and floor 5 is the creator resources, floor 6 Omega Obsessions.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next place is quite fitting.  When I was looking on the map, I found a sim that was shaped like a pot leaf.  So being this is a STONER stroll I had to go check it out.  As I was falling from the sky I saw that I'm landing in a FIELD of weed.  It was fucking awesome.

Each point of the leaf has small places you can hang out at.  I'm going to start at what I would think is the stem of the sim.  Which it itself is shaped like a pot leaf.  It's called Cannabis Creation & Library.

At the stem of the leave is a small rustic building, inside is a bar, fireplace and photos of some nice buds.  Outside the building is a 7Seas vendor where you can get a fishing pole and go fishing off the boat next to the building.

Continuing to the right the next piece of the leaf has logs with some pillows and blankets for relaxing. The next one has 2 small cottages and a small table out to enjoy the sights.  Next point has a barn on it that seconds as a nursery for growing weed.

At the top of the leaf is Cannabis Creation & Library.  Outside the building there's a box that says Free Schwag.  It has some joints, donuts, popcorn, BBQ Sandwich another stoner essentials.

Going inside you can take a hit on a big bong.  Grab some snacks. Or go around back and go to the library, that looks more like a man cave.

Next point of the leaf has a Clay Pigeon Trap, where you can grab a gun and shoot them.  Something fun for stoners to do.

The main purpose of this place is to help promote and educate about the positive effects that pot has. It's not all about sitting back getting high and laughing at things.  It's a fantastic replacement for dangerous things like Oxy's and such.  It's a great pain killer and necessary for all cancer patients.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next place might be of interest to some of the Transgeners that are having problems finding people to relate too.  Transgener Resource Center is a place where you can educate yourself. And meet others in a comfortable setting.

When I landed there's a nice log and fire pit set up.  Then walking into the building there's a fireplace, some comfy seating.  There are some games out to play with others like Cards Against Humanity, Cheesy, and Greedy.

They also get together once a week for a movie.  Every Tuesday night @ 6pm slt.  Voice chat will be turned off during movie but typing is still encouraged.  You must have Quicktime for the movie to work for you.

Not only is this a place to meet other but they have resources. Things like Coming Out Checklist, Peoples Reactions, and other things that will help out.

There are 4 group schedules like Main Support Sunday 11am, Non-Binary Monday 5pm, Discussion Thursday 7pm and Voice practice Saturday 11am.  They even have a voice couch available.

** Lag Rating: 2

As I skirt around the grid I perv profiles when I see hotties.  This cutie popped in right after me.  I dug his name, although I'll keep it to myself.  Anyway, I was reading his picks and one of his friends has a hair shop, Lovey Dovey.  I teleported there and I'm glad I did. Never heard of this shop before, don't you know I'm a hair whore. So this rocks.

Going inside to the lobby there is a group gift out.  It takes 100L to join it. Walking into the bigger room around the staircase there is a wall of hairs.  Yes ladies, they have pastels if that's your thing. Looks like they are just starting up.  But I'm sure this place will grow, the hair styles are nice.

They have naturals, natural ombres, rebels (pastels) and rebel ombre.  (Ombre means gradual fade). The price is 260L per box.

Ah I was wrong.  If you journey up the stairs you will see some more.  And the prices are FANTASTIC.  99L and you get tons of shades to decide one in each pack.  Not sure why their difference prices though.  But take advantage of it before it goes up.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL


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