Friday, December 11, 2015

Adventure 111

It's been a while since I've done this... Lots have happened since then.  I worked as PR/Manager for Heat Male Revue, lost someone I cared about (no one died), and  now I'm back to strolling.  But I hope to get into it more full time now.  I miss exploring this great big world of ours.

Picture taken @   Avid Gothic Clothing Location # 3

First location I headed North to Two Ton Gym.  This isn't just an ordinary gym.  The place is made for muscular furries.

When you first walk in, there's a group joiner on the wall. On the right there are some Workout Benches, Exercise mats, and in the corner are some heavy bags.

There's a room with showers off of the heavy bags. And yes they work. Along the side of those are some workable urinals.

Lag Rating: 1.5

Northwest of Two Tons Gym is *Enslaved* a RLV Bondage.
When you first come in there is a bunch of dealers that related products.

If you turn around and go to the right there are some stalls where you can sleep on some straw. To the left there is a Pavilion that has a Greedy table in it.

Going forward there are 2 buildings.  And as you walk through there are objects around.  Objects are residents that have decided to help test out new products out and working out the bugs.  If you would like to be one there's a sign where you can find information on how to be one.

Both buildings are full of items around you can test out and have fun on in here.

Lag Rating: 1

From being *Enslaved* to going South to AVid Gothic Clothing.  If you're like me and still enjoy system clothing. There stuff is a bit pricey, but very worth it.  The have great textures for their clothing and will fit both men and women taste combined.

There are rooms and rooms of great clothing, along with eyes, skins, and even a breathing hud.

Lag Rating: 2.5

Going West from AVid, takes me to the Purple Gator Rock Club.  Before getting into the club, there is an ice skating rink which looks like they have events out there sometimes.

Outside has a wrap around porch, and a beachy feel.  Right outside the door of the club is a Roulette table.

Once you get in it's done very nicely.  With a board up that lets you know what the current events are. Dance machines and even a spolder.

Lag Rating: 2

The last place is found heading Southeast to Among The WildFlowers.  A romantic spot surrounded by nature. Also a private estate, that has opened access to visitors as long as they behave themselves.

It's adult, so you must be over 18 to enter.. No child avi's, and of course always follow TOS.  Please remember to make sure your personal tags do not say anything like manager, owner or host to not confuse people of staff.

You can rezz items only if you are a member of the group. The group is not free, it will cost you 250L to join.  This way you can use your own photography tools, personal surfboard or anything else you can think of beachy.

When you land you have 4 options to choose from. Changing Room, Sky ~ Little Garden, Sky ~ Floating Isle & Panorama. The landing spot is the beach.

Before going to the other places, take time to check the beach its self out.  Near the water, there are some items you can click on to get things to help you to enjoy the water.  Like you can rezz a sailboat, or even a surfboard.

The beach is scattered with loungy spots. like loungers, chairs, benches and across the small water which you can walk across is a small lagoon, with a pool in the middle. Around the pool there are lounge chairs under umbrellas.

I like to be backwards so I went to Panorama first, basically it is a place where you can dance under the stars and moon with your significant other with the beach under you feet.

After checking out that awesome view, I head to Sky ~ Floating Isle.  Where you can dance with butterflies, deer, and tree houses among the grass.

Sky ~ Little Garden is a lot like the Floating Isle other than there is a nice deck with a couch on it to enjoy the view. or a cuddle log.

And probably the first place I should have mentioned is the dressing room.  Where you go up to the sky box and change from regular clothes to bikini's, with pose stands a couch and a few dice to play with.

Lag Rating: 2

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