Sunday, September 27, 2015

Adventure 110

So now I'm back on SL full time.  I am going to be doing an adventure at least once a week.  It is just too much to do one everyday even though I love it.

I've also picked up a job in-world.  I am the new PR/Marketing for Heat Male Revue.  An up and coming all male strip club for us gals to go look @ some hotties.  Anyway I will be doing an inventory landmark adventure soon with them in it.  Anyway here are the places for today.

Picture taken @  The Dreamer's Island Stop # 2

VYC a men's body shop is the kick off place today.  When you first walk past the door, on the left there are a few gifts out for free group members.  It has some tattoos and even an awesome hair base. On the right is the platinum member gifts.  Which are 6 skins, one of them has a kiss on the cheek, one looks like Kiss, a zombie skin, a normal skin, a pale angel skin, and one with oil stains all over it.

Each skin that is out has 8 different tones, and at least a few facial hair options. On the stands in the left hand corner are little hearts that shows you how many people like that particular skin.  In the middle there is an arrow that gives you a teleport to the next floor.

On the second floor you will find the newest skins.  You will also find the TMP appliers to make it possible for those guys with mesh bodies.  It also seems as if you get a bonus white beard with each purchase.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Going west takes me to The Dreamer's Island. An island paradise full of sand, palm trees, and plenty of places to enjoy yourself.  It is super hard to get in here.  Seems like the people that get in here don't want to leave.  This would also be a great place to take pictures at.

Things you can find around the island are shipwreck boats, hammocks, small beach houses, and even floaties out in the water.  Make sure you walk around the whole island, there is so much to see and do.  Be sure not to miss the wooden boats you can use to travel in the water.

It also seems that you can purchase anything you see on the beach.  Just right click the item and hit buy.  Or stop by The Dream Creations.

And besides all that goodness this is an adult sim, so you wanna run around the beach topless you can here.  Surf naked if you wanna.  Or bring or find someone to play a little dirty with.

You can even take a hot balloon ride to the gorgeous floating island.  A good place to get a little privacy.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Southeast of The Dreamer's Island just in time for Halloween is Kreepshow Kouture.  Those that live on the darker side would appreciate this apparel.  You can even grab some candy on the desk next to the donation box.

They have a group which is 50L to join the VIP group.  Once you do join you get instant discounts on the clothing.  So if you plan to clear them out join the group first. The clothing is a mix of mesh and system clothing.  Clothing with system clothes comes with Omega and some come with Slink appliers.

You can always try your luck at the gacha.  Don't forget to click the midnight mania board ladies. There is a free group too where you can snag the group gifts on the far right wall.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Heading North and land on a bayou is a bit different since its normally South.  The sim itself, Daddy's Rosy Bottom Bayou, is pretty awesome. Couldn't really find a center or start part to the sim. So I'll start from the point that I landed.  In front of me is a drive in theater with some cars and blankets out where you can watch some TV while snuggling.

Across from the drive in there's a sectioned out play ground.  It's filled with playground type items. But remember throughout all of SL no child play.  This is a place for adults to enjoy.  By the name of it this is a daddy dom/adult baby girls.  This is a community willing to teach more about the subject.

Over the small bridge are some houses that only can be accessed if you have the proper group.  There is much to see here.  Scattered blankets, chairs, campfires, floaties in the water.  They did a great job of recreating what it would be like living in the bayou.  Or at least what I would think.  I live in Washington and never been on off the western seaboard.

I assume the buildings you can get into are for rent.  If you're looking for a place to stay these are really nice houses.  It seems like a fantastic sim to live on.

If you walk down past the drive in you'll walk into a market where some stores have put items out for you to buy.  Off to the side there is an outdoor dance club. After the market it opens up to a bunch of docks.  Walking the docks you will find games like: P4rcheesi, Can't Stop, Simopolis, Slurbage, Skippo, HaxWorx, Hearts, On-A-Roll Table, Una, 7Seas & Cards Against Humanity

I eventually found the starting point.  There's a sign that says "Bayou and Daddy/babygirl Click To Receive"
which gives you information about the Daddy/Babygirl stuff and rules for the sim.

** Lag Rating 1.5

The last location for the night is a dirty one. Traveling South takesme to JR Dirty Sex Shop.  Ever wonder where to get all the naughty things you see scattered around SL.  Well I'm sure that some of it came from here.

I'm gonna start the right outside the door of the shop.  Although there are many things outside that are for purchase as well.  Outside the door says to please let people shop, you are more then welcome to test out the products inside.  But do not sexually harass people or interrupt people that are testing out the goodies.

They have really dirty pose balls like hooker standing, guys and girls peeing, male and female masturbation. Other poses are like duel like facials, getting pissed on and other dirty things. Not only pose balls but they also have toilets you can have sex on. Along with showers, and glory holes.

Many of the things here have to do with water sports and such but there are other items here that are not so dirty.  Like theater chairs, bar stool, office chair, bar stool, and office desk. Outside they have cars lined up full of animations. There are several to choose from like Taxi, Porsche, and Cop Car

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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