Friday, September 18, 2015

Adventure 109

Real life has slowed down a bit so more SL time WOOT!!  I'm sad today because a good friend has decided to take a break from SL for a bit.  So the only way I could think of to get happier was to get blitzed an go on a stroll.  My friend was a huge supporter of my blog.  I'm gonna miss him.  So on with the stroll...

I headed to one of my old places I use to go for their great freebies.  Jstylez is a great skin store that also does clothing.  When you go there they have several group gifts.  Some of the outfits even have skins with them.

K-Bar West Saloon is the start of today.  Landing in the old west, right in front of me is the K-Bar West Saloon.  Off to the left it looks like they have a gallow set up for public hanging.  This place does BDSM western style.

When you walk in there are 4 chairs near the fireplace & 2 bondage cross where subs can hang with the relax. Other rooms have cages with timers. Upstairs there is a bedroom and also a large deck where people gather and hang out.

Next to the saloon is the jail, with a rocking chair on the porch.  Inside there are more cages set up. Just across the way is a small church with pews.  Directly across from the jail is the doctor house.  Inside there are bookshelves and even a place to play a little more then doctor.

This place is set up like a real old west.  With rustic buildings with paint chipping off.  Animals wandering around.  If you wander towards the back of the property there's a red barn.  You would think that there would be animals in it.  But it's more like a torture barn.  With an awesome wheel you click it and it chooses the punishment which you would inflict on someone.

In the back corner of the property there are two buildings make of concrete. Fully decorated with nice furniture and things to play on.  This place is very friendly and equipped for the BDSM community.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Going East from K-Bar is Junkyard Blues.  Junkyard Blues is a non profit dance club.  But of course donations are greatly appreciated to keep the club going.

To dance in the club you can find dance balls  The pink balls are for girls and blue are for guys. Once you start dancing you can click it again to flip through the dances to find the right one.

The staff here work extra hard, as they are only paid by tipping otherwise they are volunteering their time.  But instead of paying tip jars pay them directly.

There's also an covered outdoor spot where you can hang out and sit on the couches or chill at the bar and just listen to music.  You can even listen to Junkyard Blues when you're on online.  Just try

Across from the dance floor there's a bunch of stores to check out that leads out to the beach.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

After shaking some tail @ Junkyard Blues I head Northeast to Windmaster.  A sex furnishing store. Items are made to have fun with up to 8 people at a time. Can someone say Orgy time?  This store has been around for 7 years now.

This is the type of store where you can bare ass test the furniture.  So if you like getting warms of people around you and watch ya test it this is the place it will probably happen at lol.

They have all sorts of beds, hot tubs, showers, fire places, pool tables, bars, couches, kitchens, and so much more.  You'll have to run around and check all they have to offer.

There are 3 different ways to purchase.  You can get the floor model which is the traditional per person fun.,  Then pay attention to each sign which tells you which one has BDSM included or which one has multiple orgy fun.  Some even have a vamp option.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going North lands me @ Grimes.  A high quality club equipment.  When you land you land in the information hub.  There you can get full perm mesh domes and other buildings where you can build your dream club.

In the bar equipment section they have tip jars, bars, dance poles, jukeboxes, even dart boards.  You can also find bar booths that are modify.

Another section of the places has lighting.  Want to have fancy lighting or maybe even a lite up dance floor.  Make your club different from the rest to draw people to your club.  They even have dance pads or synchro dancing.

On the other side of the place they have the audio section.  There you can pick up an audio stage that has all sorts of speakers to scatter across the stage.  Of course a your DJ's gonna wanna spin on the 1 and 2's they have a variety of them to pick from here.  You can even roll out the red carpet if you pick one up in this section.

And the last room will give your club an individual flair picking out key pieces of musical instruments like keyboards, pianos, violins, guitars, and even drum sets.

Outside of the building there's a large open section where you can purchase full set up stages.  They even have fog machines here.

If you check out their marketplace you can find tons of freebies and other objects are even 50% discounted.  Check it out for yourself.

** Lag Rating: 2

Winding up heading West to Pierre Styles.  Male clothing for those searching for tuxedos, suits and casual wear.  You must read the ad clearly so of the clothing is HUD driven.  Some have both system & mesh body clothing.

You an also find dress shoes here.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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