Saturday, September 5, 2015

Adventure 108

Just to so everyone knows my profile on Facebook has been deleted or whatever.  So if you have been trying to contact me on there I'm sorry.  But you can always drop me a notecard.

Living in the Northwest there are fantastic benefits, one of them smokin' weed. But as of late we have been blasted by tons of wildfires and I haven't been on SL as much as of late.  So thank you to my loyal readers for hanging in there with me.

I popped on 2 days ago and a designer friend owner of Artful Design caught me giving me this cute sexy revealing bodysuit.  And of course pairing it with Tameless hair.

I'm going to use Artful Design as the take off point in today's adventure.  My time on SL as been so infrequent lately it's almost like relearning it all over again.

My first direction is West where I run into Coyote an environment for creative minds.  From stairs you can see the road signs to where the activities you can find on the sim.

Going from left to right, first stop is "The Club at Coyote".  Inside is a cozy place to relax and listen to some live music.  With a small dance floor to enjoy or meet a friend.

The next building over is Frothy Music.  Outside before you go inside there are some tables set out for you to enjoy your coffee and breeze.  Inside it gives you information about the small record label and music publishing company in California.

On the back wall they have an album set up where you can listen to the singles of artist Zak Claxton. There are 3 sections where a different record is out.  Each spot has a small sitting area where you can enjoy the music.

Interested in finding out who Zak Claxtion is?  There's a board set up that you can click to find information like biography, online store, world booking, and even join the artists inworld group.

In between the Frothy Music building and Rain House Gallery is the Coyote Resource Center.  They have material set up in notecards just clicking the board to receive them.  For musicians interested in spreading their music across SL.  Things such as How To, Music Community, Finding Instruments, and setting up an event.  They also have resources for artists as well.

Across the way from Frothy Music is Rain House Gallery.  Stepping inside you will see some real life photography of everyday items from a different perspective.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

From the mellow desert going Northwest to the backwoods of FuckNFilthy..  You land in the yard of a dilapidated full of tall grass, old lawn furniture, graves even a scarecrow.

Behind you when you land is an awesome peep show, no cameraing in, it kills the thrill.  Next to that looks like a small strip mall, but instead the first room is packed with interesting items for all your dirty needs.  Cages, dirty tables, contraptions and other torture items.

Next room over is the bathrooms where you can find places to play out dirty bathroom sex with interactive urinals, toilets and sinks.

Maybe making your own sex videos your thing.  The next room over has a dirty bed set up with cameras everywhere.  Bring a friend and they can direct the fun.

Last room is a dirty gynecology office. The waiting couch can be fucked on, bondage gyno chairs and even a lab table for fun.

Across from the strip is a stripper pole next to some lawn chairs.  And of course you can't miss the plane.  Feeling real dirty there's a dirty shed you can play I'll show you mine, if you show yours game.

** Lag Rating: 2

Southeast from FuckNFilthy is -Livid-.a gothic clothing store.  It only takes 10L to join their group. But you don't have to be a member to pick up on their sweet freebies.  The group gift is an awesome Elvira outfit you can snag at the moment.

There is a gacha machine in the lobby that is just full of nifty stuff.  I see people spending tons just collect all this stuff.

Moving into the next room there are some clothes there that are inspired by American Horror Story's Coven. Further into the store the room gets bigger. There are some really nice things in here.  Some Dia De Muertos items.  Going deeper inside the store I see the also do hats and jewelry.

When you make your way up the stairs you'll see the furniture section.  These pieces are very interesting.  They made a couch out of a coffin that has 50 animations.  Other household items are gothic trunks, traveling bookcase, book stacks & family portraits.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

A girl could never have enough hair.  The next direction Northeast takes me to D!va.  This has been around for a long time.  And stores that have been around a long time are doing something right. Like this place brings something unique that you don't see much from other hair stores.  Look closely to the add, a lot of the hairs have a type A & type B.  When the item has both types it's actually 2 different styles, sometimes it just a change in a bang or hair knots.

If you go up stairs and join the group you can enjoy the group goodies they have out.  There are a few hairs, some poses and a pack of hairbases.

** Lag Rating: 2

Last stop on today's adventure is Grandpa's Basement as I went far East.  When I saw it on the map the first thing that I thought of was Bad Grandpa.  Not knowing what I was getting into I rezzed in what looks like an huge create.  Items you would think you would find in a man's basement.  Dirty couches, wooden spool, paint cans.

Grandpa's Basement is full of mature men looking for youngin's.  So ladies if you're into older guys this is the place.  It's packed with men that take pride in their avatars and look good.

Furniture that is scattered about are interactive for both relaxing and getting it on.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure... 

~ JL 

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