Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Adventure 113

I've been mixing things up a bit.  Yesterday I did a post from the landmarks in my inventory.  Today I was at a place that had these little traffic cones in them.  You click them and they pay you a set amount to hang out in the sim for a determined amount of time.  So I headed to the headquarters and decided to use them to direct my travels. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

I was invited to a very nice Christmas party yesterday with my dear friend Cai.  There I met the lovely designer of Two Delta. She sent me this dress that she as out @ the Black Dot Project.

First off I'm starting at Bletaverse HQ.  The maker of Traffic Cone along with other traffic drawing items.  Other items like Coins, where you go to different sims and collect them.
People jump from sim to sim looking for them. Once you get so many you can cash them in for lindens @ http://www.bletaverse.com.

This program is great for newbies.  It gives them a chance to earn some money and explore SL at the same time.  Yes most places only pay 1L but for the broke folk it adds up.

You must get a ID card to be able to log into the site to prove that you are human and not just a bot collecting money.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

I hit one of the cones @ the headquarters and it sent me to Abyss Shoutcast Hosting.  I clicked the cone and put in the cone code on the site.  So now I will be paid 2L for hanging out here for 6 minutes.

The building has signs that line the walls.  They offer 10, 25, 50 & 100 listener prices.  I'm not sure if it's a good deal or not, because DJing is one of the things I have not experiences in SL. Check out their site @  http://abyss-shoutcast.com.

For prices: Check here! Starting as low as 7L (10 listeners for 1 day).

** Lag Rating: 1.5

After collecting my money while I was writing, I click the cone again and it takes me to The Fallen Onez Club.  I land on a dock that has many paths.  Spinning around I see they have stores surrounding the club..

There is also a big sign on the dock that informs people that there will be a Christmas Gala Wednesday December 16th @ 10 am to 2pm slt, sponsor by Blasphemic.  They also have tables out where you can set out gacha items to sell.

Inside the club they have a nice dance floor.  To the right they have a Greedy table and plenty of seating. To the left is the Cards Against Humanity table.

Few rules to live by.  Cover your naughties.  Don't spam stuff. If your gonna get dirty do it in your naughty box.  No kid avis, Bloodlines are welcome but no uninvited bites, its a douche move, excessive gesturbating, or humongous avis.

** Lag Rating; 1.5

Clicking the cone takes me to Deadly Embrace.  A clothing store for both men and women. Women to the left, Men to the right. Some of the clothes are Omega friendly, for both men and women.

In the back there is the jewelry section..  Some little potion bottles, necklace mouthies, and zodiac necklaces.

All the women clothes are Omega friendly.  They sell slave clothing and Gor type items in the back. Towards the front are some mesh shirts, nice jeans and a few skirt dresses.

If you need to send a gift, they suggest to send an item through Marketplace.

Right behind the barrier are Slink shoes.

** Lag Rating: 1

Finally hitting the 5th place is Love For All Seasons.  I land in this quaint snow cover lovers Christmas paradise.  It has a ice lake in the middle. Equipped with free ice skates so you and your partner can appreciate the romantic moment.

There is a small cabin set up with couches and a fireplace. You can play in the snow or take a picture with Santa.  Hop on the sleigh pulled by a reindeer to play Santa's helper.  Or up on a candy cane lamp post.

Enjoy the cuddle swing in the tree, or sit and have some coffee on the chairs below.  Hang out on the igloo or cuddle inside.  Or plan a date with dinner and dancing in their private setting.

** Lag Rating: 2

So after hiitting all 5 places I've gathered a total of 13L.  Just got me enough to import a pic! Yay!

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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