Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Adventure 122

I've been taking a small break from the stroll.  Getting into some nude photography.  But I was missing the stroll so here we go.  The outfit I'm wearing is from Em@il one of my new favorite clothing store.  I did another one of their outfits just recently but couldn't take it off.  So I'm wearing it for this stroll.

Picture taken @ Sweet Dominance Palace Stop # 5 

Godfathers Moonshine & Roses is the first location.  It's on an adult sim.  When you first land you fall on the sand of the path that will take you to the club,  Along the walk way are 2 outfits, one for both sexes.

As I walk down the path and get closer to the dance floor I see that I am WAY under dressed.  There are people with long dresses and suits on.  There were people on the stage.  Playing live. And a packed dance floor.

Off the right of the stage there are paths to other sections of the island where there are small cuddles spots where you can enjoy the live much and your significant other.

** Lag Rating: 3

Next has got me a bit confused other than I think one side is moderate and the other is adult, since the section that is taped off said clothing was optional.  The place I'm talking about is Nations Summit Skate Park.

The first thing I was thinking is landing in big bowl surrounded by skater boys.  But when I landed it was more like a fair.  They have bumper cars, soccer field, bouncy castle, Greedy, swing set, skydiving, teeter totter, slide, Merry-go-Round, & Monkey Bars.

** Lag Rating: 2

I'm asked all the time if I know where a good eye place is.  I never have an answer because my eyes were done custom for me.  But the next location I ended up at was Ikon.

The entire store is just eyes. Very life like. They are stunning eyes and many different shades of color and types..  Many of the packages have both system and mesh eyes inside.  For the most part each package is 150L.  They are great for both male and female.

Don't forget to join the group which is free for announcements of free eyes.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Northeast is the next direction taking me to MyWay- Public Beach Paradise and Rental. When I read the name the Limp Bizkit song My Way popped in my head.

So you land in a box, with pictures of properties with teleports to places you can check out before you rent.  Some are skyboxes others are beaches houses.  They are fully furnished and up to 50L to add your own personal touch.

Once in a while I am looking for a spot where I can rent for a day for special events.  You can rent a beachside shack for 20L a day. It comes with 10 prims.

There's a bit direction sign with 4 pictures out.  It shows you the 4 locations that public an visit.  There's the Basement, Movie, Manor & Beach.

The Basement has gothic furniture and bondage items scattered about in a small maze of doors.  But watch out for those doors some of them don't open.  Some of the furniture there has unique animations..

Hitting the Movie button will take you to a small viewing room. They have a row of theater seats and a great rug with many different poses, both solo and cuddle. The walls are covered in old movie posters.

Off to the Manor which is 3 levels.  This classy rustic places has tons of places for photo opportunity.  In fact, when I was doing my daily nude that I do for my Flickr there were two pictures I couldn't choose so I put both up.

The beach is nice.  A great place to take pictures at.  In fact this whole place is a photographers dream.  When you first hit the beach you'll come alone covered gazebos with chairs and tables under them.  You can find houses lining the property you're able to rent.

** Lag Rating: 2

Final place on today's roster is Sweet Dominance Palace.  I remember this place from a long time ago.  I thought it poofed but apparently it just moved.

You land in the shopping area.  Once you walk the hallway with naughty pictures on the brick walls there is a sign out that gives out the rules.  No, child looking avis, drama, advertising, escorting, draw weapons, harassment, screaming for bans.  Basically don't be a dick.

The room opens up large scattered with dom/mistress chairs with some toys in the middle.  A dance floor on the side where they play music next to the bar.

On the side of the big room are more BDSM toys plenty of places to get tied up and used.  If you go towards the back theres a fireplace, and bed.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure..

~ JL


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