Thursday, January 7, 2016

Adventure 120

On my new quest to find new clothes for my new mesh body. Something I'm still shocked that I've kept on for so long lol.  I found this outfit on Marketplace and decided to go perv the store.

Picture taken @ The Hood 

I've decided to start a stroll here at Em@ail and tell you about the place.  It is 2 stories of naughty elegance.  Lots of sheers and lacy clothing. With pretty decent prices.

When you first walk in there's a gift for the group "Third Life" its a nice pair of pants.  And if you walk around the back wall, joining the group there is 4 other gifts there for you to pick up.  All very sexy.

This store is applier friendly making their clothes work with Lolas, Belleza, Brazilia, Banned, Eve, Lena, Maitreya, Slink, TMP & Omega.

While I was here the designer was setting out new product, and was kind enough to send me some. During our conversation she let me know that she's adding a new group gift today, so run over and check it out.

** Lag Rating: 2

While I was finishing up with the other location the lovely owner came in to put up some new product.  She was sweet and sent me a gift.  In our conversation, she told me about this shoe shop  So I decided to add it to the stroll.

The place I was told about is Venus Shoes. When you come in your eyes will probably draw to the gift cards.  They stand out.  Now men if you're looking something for your lady friend you can never go wrong with giving them a gift card for high quality shoes.

They also have 5 high quality shoes and a necklace/earring set as group gifts.  The group is free. Other benefits of being a group member is you get a 10% discount if you wear your tag.

These shoes are made for Slink, Maritreya, Belleza, & TMP.  Be careful before you purchase something.  Some of these shoes are made for Mid.  They will not work on high arch feet.

For the price they are asking for these shoes, they are a steal.  As far as I've found so far they are only 299L.  Not only that but many come with a hud that changes different colors or aspects of shoe itself.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next 3 places are directions mixed up.and found on the map.  So after mixing directions up in the first direction is South, which takes me to Secret Life Lounge.

Looks like they have a singer performing, Telima,  January 12 & 18 @ 2pm SLT.  And a DJ playing blues music every Saturday @ 2pm SLT.

You must join the group to be able to sit down, jump on the stripper poles or play Greedy.  It's just a meeting place with class. Which brings it to one of the only rules around, and that's don't come in wearing bikini's or cut off shorts.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Heading West I fall upon Seven Springs Farm.  I land right in front of a barn well of course I would, this is a farm.  Inside the farm is a bunch of dance pads, apparently the place they have dancing. Outside of the barn is a place where you can rezz your horses.

There's a pasture, and also a big photo spot where you can take pics with your horses.  On the side of that is a horse track where you can race your horses with others. They also have bleachers set up for you to watch the races.

They also sell and auction off horses here.  They also have stalls, barns & corrals for rent.

** Lag Rating: 2

To finish this little stroll of mine, I stumble upon an urban RP sim called The Condemned: Get Fucked.  By the name I'm sure you know it's an adult sim.

You land in a side store, which seconds as a safe zone.  Inside they have all the information you're looking to make your visit the most entertaining.

Please make sure that you are wearing no more than 100 scripts when playing here.  This place uses the Grim Combat System.  You can purchase things like Health, Power & Armor potions or antidotes,

This place is covered with zombies.  They have weapons to help you fight them for sale before you leave the safe zone.  On the ground of the place they have a few health packs, armor and antidotes to snag before you go.  But most of all don't forget to grab the hud before moving forward.

Now for the rules: Join group to rezz/play here. As always no child's play.  Grim Combat Meter is needed to kill zombies, you can also use LLCS weapons too.

Nudity and sex is allowed, but a suggestion is too take off your meter unless you wanna get attacked while fucking.  You can't rezz sex stuff, but you can use sex huds that bring pose balls out.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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