Thursday, January 14, 2016

Adventure 121

I've noticed that I don't have much in my wardrobe color wise.  But I feel dirty in lighter colors lol. When I saw the ad for the picture I smiled.  It was just my style.  Even though I don't like to cover up my tats but this is too cute to resist.

Picture taken @ Big Bang Island Stop # 1 

Snagging landmarks from my inventory today to do the stroll.  First stop is Big Bang Island.  An Urban role play, extreme RLV and nude beach.  Seems like a good place to meet people with quality avi's.

Almost right off the bat they ask you to use your Relay RLV. Stepping off the platform starts you off on your adventure.  After you walk through the walls of businesses you have two choices. You can either walk around the escalators or continue onto other fun.

If you take the escalator it takes you to more more shops.  Off to the right side there is the opening tot eh nudist beach area. Where you must wear either bikinis or nude.

On the beach is scattered with Tiki Bars.  Other things scattered around are campfires, lounge chairs, swim floaties.  They also have an outdoor dance club.  Be careful of the tent, there are traps set as it is set up with bondage items around.

If you go straight instead of going on the escalator  there is a club to the right, along with teleporters that will take you too the beach.The club is called Blow.  And has sponsors like Danika & Smooching Serpents.

Going straight would take you into the movie theater.  With plenty of theater seats with some fun in them, along with hidden traps. There are many videos to choose from.  On the left of the movie theater is a small strip club section.  With strip poles, lounge chairs, and places to cuddles and play a bit dirty.  There's even a sex pool table.  Upstairs there is a big orgy beds,

There is also a studio, motel, kennel and stable.

** Lag Rating: 2

I found this place as I was looking for coffee shops for my friend. While I was there I thought I'd snag a landmark and add it to today's stroll.  This place is just gorgeous, its called The Millhouse Beanery Coffee House.

The landing spot gives you a choice of taking the right, left or straight path. Heading forward wraps you around the hill and brings you to a bridge that doesn't go anywhere.  This is a good place to see the lay of the land.  Look down under your feet and see the beauty.

Going left almost immediately there's another path up a hill.  Gives you a great vantage point to either over look the land or take pictures.  And for the meantime you can also visit Santa up here.

From there on your right there's the coffee house.  You can go straight in, or take the stairs to the right.  Either direction takes you into the shop.  The place is full of cute decorations, places to lounge and tables.

This place is just full of places to take pictures at.  The building has 4 stories and little hidden nooks you can only find when you're camming around.

Outside the building the trail keeps going.  there's a small place roped off that has a deck.  A nice place to drink some coffee and cuddle.

Walking the trail, there is deer, cuddle spots, chairs and campfires scattered about. There's also a tiny train, barn, windmill, skate rink, & gas station.  Many cute little places to explore here.

** Lag Rating:  2

Next stop on our hit parade is Love Scene.  A gorgeous low lag place to either take pictures or bring a significant other. There are plenty of hide away places to spend time together.

There are plenty of houses that are fully furnished with beds, bars, tables, kitchens & other relaxing items to explore and use. Different houses have different things in it.  You'll just have to check it out.

Besides the houses you can find swing sets, picnic tables, lounge chairs, dance orbs, and waterfalls cover the land.  Past the waterfalls there's a place where you can dance on water to make an incredibly romantic moment.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next sim will help out those still deciding to go mesh body or not.  Head over to Mesh Body Addicts.  You land in a squared circle.  If you walk forward you will run into all the different kinds of mesh you can wear.  You can check out and purchase not only the bodies, but the heads, hands & feet.

If you keep going all the way forward you will hit the information section that will help you make more of an informed decision before your final purchase.

Remember that Omega applier will take place of most appliers out there.  Find an outfit that you are really interested in but only has Omega appliers well their's a great chance that it will work.

Great stores line the courtyard, where they have selective pieces out for purchase.  I'm sure its not all the stores have in applier friendly clothing so don't forget to snatch up the landmarks to visit all the wonderful stores here.

They will have workshops coming up soon, helping you get more familiar with your mesh bodies. They also have Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly.

** Lag Rating: 2

Seems like this stroll is packed with places that you can take pictures at.  The last one is Midnight Reflections.  Yes, I said Mdnight Reflections.  It's been gone for a while now.  I thought I heard of it coming back and didn't think to check it out.

This place use to be around far back in the day.  In fact this is where my Xhusband of 5 years proposed to me.  Wonder if I can find the same spot.

Right behind the landing spot is a tiny spot to dance.  And off to the left there is a  small rezz section, you have to have the group to be able to put anything down.

This place is huge with TALL waterfalls, palm trees and places to dance all over the place.  Just from the landing spot you already have so many options.  Going forward there's the type of outdoor club space. There is also dance places spidered out for a bit of privacy.

There are bridging taking you up the waterfalls, it branches off and brings you to secluded areas.  All of the places to cuddle are strictly that cuddle.  None of the items here has sex. So this is a great place for a first date, or when you don't want things to go too far.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure..

~ JL



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