Saturday, May 9, 2015

Adventure 90

I love when Birth Skin has new releases out, since I'm lucky enough to be in here blogger group.  So I'm wearing it for the stroll.  The hair is one of 13 gifts from Little Bones.  And my dirty Lara Croft outfit is on sale at the store.  But you can read my fashion blog for the details.

Picture taken @ Lagoon Of Love  Stop # 3

Starting off at Birth I head West to Tentacles & Slime.  I think I am properly dressed being that this is probably one of the places she would wander.  Full of slime, tentacles and swamps.

Once you walk into the building there's a pool with floaties in it and a few lounge chairs.

Walking further in the building they have a sign that says Slupgoth, if you click it the gate rises and you get to see the monster.  Going down more, there's a wall of slime.  If you walk into it there's a monster you can battle.

Across the room they have a slime orgy room.  If you join the group you can operate the foam. Which is a green slime foam.  These things remind me of the slime creatures from Futurama.  They even have slime showers, where people can have sex while having slime showered on them.

Across the other side of the room they have a room where you can fuck in the middle of this swamp section where tentacles play with you as your banging.

In the middle of the room is a bar, and dancing with contests, movies & a Greedy.

Upstairs has some interesting items for sale. Pocket vibrators, slime hat and some of the creatures you can find outside.

And the top floor they have the group joiner, and they even have a slime slide you can try out to get to the dance floor.  You can leave a message on the cork board.  And something really interesting, they have a RLV sim finder click the location, it gives you the map to the place you chose.

** Lag Rating: 1

Next direction is East to The Pose Shop.  When you land they have on the wall are the group gifts which it is free to join.

The room opens up and there's writing on the all saying to teleport to the past events room.  Most items are discounted.  Along with 2 gachas out one with beard bulbs and the other with some awesome skeleton hair clips.

Down the way they have some skater girl poses, and on the opposite wall are some family poses. Then it opens up to a bigger room, where they have romantic couple, friend & singular poses.  A few of the poses come with props like chairs or boxes.

** Lag Rating: 2

Third direction of the day is North to Lagoon of Love. A very pretty romantic place for human avatars only.  This sim is rated as adult.

If you're looking for a place to take pictures this place is fantastic.  But you have to pay to play here. To enjoy the fun stuff you need to be part of the group, which is a hefty price of 500L, but damn worth it.  But there are some things you can do for free, like dance, campfire, and waterfall behind cove & benches.

You land in a gazebo and walk down the ladder, there's a campfire going where you can relax by the water.  Walking through the arch, it opens to a pretty forest, with a tiki cave peaking out.

The cave has a rub inside along with a dance ball inside for some privacy.  If you take the back entrance the stairs take you up top of the cave and over look the sim, with a gorgeous place to play.

Deeper in the lagoon, they have an outside shower. Places to lounge, or take in a game of Greedy.

If you want pure privacy you can rent one of 3 skyboxes. You can choose from Office, Romantic Loft or BDSM Dungeon.  To check them out before you rent you can check them out for 5 minutes. Like what you see and want rent each room cost 50L for 30 minutes, 90L for a hour, and 120 for a hour and a half.  But if you're part of the group the price is waived.

If you look up in the huge tree you can see a tree house you can climb up to it an enjoy the romantic view.

Across the river is tall grass and a pretty pond.  They have a floating bed in the middle that has many naughty things to do on it.  They even have a table set up for enjoyable conversation surrounded by water.  Along with a Japanese house on the lake.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Southeast take me to Argrace.  A long standing hair shop, opened 2007.  On the desk of the shop they have 5 group gifts.  A hair for both man and woman, a hat, earmuffs and rose hair clip.

The first room you walk into is the new release section, they have April and May releases.  Going on, on the right side they have the mens section.  Some of the hair comes with beanies, trucker hats, cowboy hats, & fedoras.

Other half of the store is for females.  With hair the have scarves, hair pins, fedoras, trucker hats, and cowboy hats.  Some have braids, ponytails and pixie cuts.

You can also purchase the beanies, scarves, winter scarves, & hair bows separately.

If you're not careful you'll miss the door that takes you to another section of the store.  First you will see high heels, boots and knee highs.

Further down is the jewelry section. Mostly necklaces and earrings.  I didn't even know they did anything other than hair.

Across the room from the Jewelry section is this really nice looking lounging furniture.  They also do beds with matching chairs.

This store is truly a maze.  Go in on your right and if you make it through the whole store you will pop out of left.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Last stop is Northeast to The Ink Spot.  A modern set up kind of lounge with plenty of cozy seating. This place is set up for furries and other non human avatars.

Outside is a pretty set up of jungle and neon lights.  With lounge chairs, waterfalls hot tub, and small massage rooms.

And to top it all off they have an outdoor dance floor.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL

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