Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Adventure 89

I'm excited about today's stroll.  I have a close friend, a sister really from RL with me on the stroll today.  She and her brother one of my best friend's came and kidnapped me.  So I thought I would throw on one of my own creations for today's adventure.

Picture taken @ Howling Asylum Bayou Swamp  Stop # 4

So she tells me go Southwest that brings us to Luna Bliss. Which is a Tropical landscaping including plants, trees and shrubs.  They have big spots set out for you to rez what you like before you purchase it.  You can rezz waterfalls, caves grottos, & Tree houses.

If you take a ladder down you can purchase fountains, flowers, plants, greenhouse pottery and other things to make your plece of land special and unique.

** Lag Rating: 2

From gardening to going South to Okinotori.  A Gor sim it looks like since it has a GM sign to it. They even have a Goreans portal radio.

This is a French speaking Gor sim. although they accept English speaking people.  But you will need a translator. If you're just coming in to check out the land, don't forget to snag a observer tag to the left of the landing to check out the beautiful place.

After snagging the OOC tag, I run the trail through gorgeous forest and well designed landscapes. Once you get in a bit deeper it gets more of a Samurai feel too it.

Along the way I picked up another adventurer.  A sweet man I've been dating lately and this is his first stroll, we'll see how he likes it.

** Lag Rating: 2

Dancing across the bottom of the grid. We move West to Happy Undead.  Gothic clothing for ladies with the mesh bodies.  With mesh dresses urban clothing and accessories.

Try your chances with their gachas they have set up as well. They even have a bargain section. Check out what's in there.

Speaking of having their own sections if you pay the group you can visit the VIP room that has tons gifts out.

And I just found the Wistlist feature here.  Find stuff you're interested in and put it on a list for others to buy you gifts.

** Lag Rating: 2

Going Northeast of Happy Undead we land on a sim I'm uber excited about.  Howling Asylum Bayou Swamp.  A fantastic sim that is very creeping.  Each details has been considered.  Can't wait to explore what it has.

It looks very realistic.  With creepy swamps, swamp grass, and allegators.  Explore the land enjoy the landscape or somewhere to role play.

** Lag Rating: 2

Last stop on the 3 person adventure today is East to Surreal Style Tattoos.  And for a limited time all tattoos are 100L or less.  So shoot over there and check them out before the price goes back up.

Each tattoo comes in solid and faded versions.  They have chest pieces, full body, tramp stamps and color.

And to finish the whole tattoo look off they have a tattoo parlor upstairs you can watch people getting tattooed or sit down and shop from there.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL


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