Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Adventure 92

Today's outfit is brought to you by The Little Bat.  I spent a good amount of time yesterday grabbing group gifts, slapping MM boards and taking my chances at the match game.  I really lucked out and got this cute dress.  It comes with the dress and leggings.

Picture taken @ Jaryth's Barber Shop  Stop # 2

I don't think that I'm dressed for the right for the first location. East was the way the winds blew me, landing Siren's Gulf which seems to be attached to a few others sims like Siren's Bay, Sea & Nest.

Up top it doesn't look like much is going on.  With lounging on the chairs, cuddling on the life guard chair, or heading over to the shipwrecked ship.  They also have 7Seas here.
There's also a shack with a bed in it, but be careful of the creature from the drop hatch, he might wanna join ya.  Or take the steps in the tower to the top, relax by yourself and taken in or drag your other and cuddle in new heights.

The other islands you can see have waterfalls, lighthouses, volcanoes, crashed airplane to explore.  And be careful if you wander over to cannibal island.  You might get eaten up.

Below is where all the fun stuff is.  Here Mermaids & Siren's come to play.  A place to hang out and swim with other underwater creatures like sharks, fish, octopus, whales, and other things of the sea.

Check caverns and underground waterfalls for private places to be intimate.  And find your way through the RLV Maze.  Beware of RLV traps along the sim. Just remember no child avatars. There's even an underground dance floor. There are dances for singles, couples and even 3 way dancing.

** Lag Rating: 2

The sea takes me West to Jaryth's Barber Shop.  Another great opportunity to showcase things for men. Before getting in there's a gacha machine you can get caught up in.

I've been seriously missing me some Sons of Anarchy and was so excited to see Opie pop up on Bate's Motel, beard and all. Why did I mention the beard?  Because that's what guys can find here.

This place supplies beards in both tattoo and prim form. Beards comes in several colors to match your look perfectly.  They even have demos to see how it works with your look.

Beards are not the only thing they do here.  You can get hair like Trevor from Grand Theft Auto along with other creative hairdos, receding hairlines, bald spots, & balding.

We all come in SL smooth as a babies booty, but this place has fixed that.  Guys you wanna show off your testosterone off and grow some hair?  They have chest, arm, legs, back & ass hair.  Even some prim public hair.

** Lag Rating: 2

It's funny that the directions take me South to Swagga Men's Store.  Well not only is it setting the theme of this stroll by having 2 guy stores back to back, but I was just talking about the Summer's Eve Swagalicious commercial that plays a song talking about Swagga.  I was having a conversation with someone about that funny enough.  About women aren't suppose to have swagga.  Men are.  Maybe I'm getting old lol.  But anyway back to the show.

Landing on Swagga the entrance is lined with gacha machines.  But there are 3 ways you can go so I'll start backwards.  To the right there are hats, snakes (wearable), wings, armor, masks, and eye patches. A few gacha machines, and some limited items are out too.

The main building is where most of the clothes are.  I'm really digging the style they have going here.  If you're one of those guys going for the more casual or street look this is the place.  High quality mesh clothing for the normal guy.

Ladies if your man's got a rezz day or well any day is a good day for a gift.  Throw him one of these gift cards so he can go grab himself something.  They come in 250L, 500L, 1000L & 5000L.

The building that was on the left is the outlet section.  Where I assume you get things for a discount.  I see many hats, underwear, shorts, and full outfits.  I'm assuming that this is the system clothing and they are switching out for the mesh.

** Lag Rating: 2

That's it I dub thee stroll man made lol.  First I go to an underwater sim called "Siren", then to a male hair place, next to male clothes and now I landed on every man's wet dream. Northeast takes me to SL Playboy Mansion.  I swear I'm not making this shit up lol.

Here are some rules to live by while visiting the SL Playboy Mansion.  There's no unholstered weapons, watch your tongue naughty not crude language, advertising, children, or drama.  And the upstairs portion of the mansion are the living quarters of the bunnies, please respect their space.

Walking into the foyer starting clock way to the left is a nice relaxing room.  Going through the French doors into the piano room.  Then the house becomes a maze.  With a functioning bathroom & kitchen.  They have a room for dancing.

Outside they have a pool, hot tub, lounge area,  and you can't miss the maze like grotto.  Follow the path through the grotto and spout out in places for private cuddling.

These ladies are here for just company.  Someone to pass the time with.  Their slogan Class not ass.  The playmates are available for club openings or charity events.

Next door they have a Country club, full with line dancing and all.

** Lag Rating: 2

Southwest brings me to Xclusives Animations.  I always love to find a new animations or pose shop. Animations are what brings SL to life.  So to check out this place properly my new man Kai (yes another Kai lol) logged on and I drug his ass with me.

After checking out a few items from the 99L area.  We made a few purchases ourselves.  The 99L section is where they put new items out at an amazing discount before they put it out full price.  Like the camping set that we bought., the retail price is 2500L.  In 2 days it will be that again.

There's a bunch of gacha machines around too to take advantage of.

You can join the VIP group for 500L, which is very useful. They have a group only Midnight Mania boards, group gifts, and a raffle which you can win 100K worth of items.

They have full length love scenes which would make fun for skilled emoters.  If there are any of them left out there. Personally I love it.  I love writing, if you can't tell lol.

There are several rooms in the store, like furniture, poseballs, new releases. bathrooms club, foreplay oral, huds/engines, gift shop, romance, get freaky, M/M F/F & anal/doggy.

As you wander around the rooms look out for big red signs looks like the Office Depot button.  They inform you of the huge discount you get for that product.  Not every room has one but there are many through out to keep your eyes open for.

This place is HUGE, its best to get around either by the Hud they have developed for easier shopping or take the teleport system to hop around the place.

Most items have from 100 to over 1k animations.  At least the object items come with that many animations.  Lots of the items are out to demo and see if its a perfect fit

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

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