Saturday, May 16, 2015

Adventure 93

Yet another stoner jabbering night with Pinkness from Pink Pearl Designs inspired this outfit.  I was giving her an idea for a pair of pants, and she took my idea and twisted it.  But it came out damnfuckingtastic.

The hair I'm wearing is a release from Tameless few months back.  I thought it looked killer with this outfit.

Picture taken @ The Rubber Room Club  Stop # 1

I was planning on wearing Tableau & Vivant group gift they had out.  To check up to see if it was still there it wasn't. So I changed up.  But there is a new group gift there.  Just didn't think it went well with the outfit.  But anyway, going Southeast from there I land in the Rubber Room Club.

Before you even make it in the building you can check out all the shops around the mall.

Walking in the building there's a dance floor.  With cages, stripper poles, dancing and places to lounge right out side the dance floor.

I'm writing this as we speak from inside a cell in a black rubber room lol.  Off to the left of dance floor they have a big rubber room.  They are set up like cells.  I stepped inside to check it out.  I'm sure glad it was only set for 5 minutes cause I just got out and walking down the hall, some are set for 35 minutes lol.

If you go to the right of the dance floor you'll find the play room full of BDSM toys and equipment. There's rooms sectioned out for privacy.  Take the hallway between the 2 rooms and you'll find the white rubber room.  That room is full other equipment, which as more of the extreme toys inside.

** Lag Rating: 2

To the North is Braham Design.  High quality, nice textured designs.  More on the higher side of fashion.  Pantsuits, sun dresses, kinda the Housewives of .... kinda look.  Sexy but higher class.

You can grab the group gift for free.  Along with another group gift they put out for SL Free & Offers group.  And follow the pink footsteps to the the 60L special.

** Lag Rating: 2

After checking out the classy joint the Faith Maxwell Sculpture Gallery was a perfect fit the next sim that was East.  Landing on the concert path behind you there's dancing next to a gorgeous waterfall.

Interesting sculptures line the concert path guiding you through the art gallery.  You can purchase both the sculptures and artwork along the way.  The scenery is done very pretty.

There are pretty parts scattered round the sim where you can dance or cross the small bridge that leads to a campfire, and romantic swing set.

** Lag Rating: 2

Northwest is the next direction taking me to Splatter's Blood Bank.  For those vampires using the Bloodline Hud this might be a point of interest.

You can purchase blood for 37L a liter, 37L for Lumen's & Cider for 50L a liter.  Not sure if that's a good idea or not cause it's not my gig.  And souls are for sale for 500L.

Along with purchasing blood they also have other things that go along with the Bloodlines setup. The stuff is for The Thirst, Human & The Rage.

They buy both tanks, caskets, barrels, and souls.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

The Slut Pit is the next place I end up after going Southwest for the last stop of the night.  Proving there are places for everyone in SL.  This place caters to Mandingos.  If you're not familiar with it, don't worry I had to look it up too.  Mandingos are men with large cocks with lots of stamina.  This particular place have black Mandingos interested in white women.

A place for white women to be pushed around, and sexually abused by well hung black males.  The women are willing and wanting to pay reparations with their bodies by doing everything they are told.  Even breeding in some cases. Dominate black males are referred as Mandingo Bulls.

This is a roleplay land about race domination, forced, orgies, and BDSM scenes.  If you're weak at heart, this place might not be for you.

Skyboxes are ment to serve the needs of Black Mandingos. White men may observe on the top floor. Unless they are invited to enjoy the fun with a Mandingo Bull.

There are different levels of white sluts.  The way to level up is done by your performance cards. Yes RATING CARDS. From 1 to 10 they rate your lap dance/strip tease, dick sucking, sex, anal, dirty talking, communication, appearance & choose again.

The top half has a pool table where you can have sex in public, along with stools and a bar.  There are chairs around a stripper poll as well.

Downstairs are 3 rooms sections off with somewhat privacy. Erotic art on the walls of black men having sex with white women.  One room has a normal bed, the room next to it has a canopy bed and the last bed is a circular one.

Outside the rooms is a larger room with everything out in the open.  People from above on the upper deck can watch the action.  There are BDSM equipment, a locker, dirty mattress, kinky wall, and cages.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure....

~ JL