Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Adventure 97

Yesterday I mentioned the 2 gals I put on my land.  The last adventure I wore a pants outfit from Prety N Pink.  Today I'm wearing a cute number from Artful Designs the other shop that set up on my land, or at least the land I manage lol.

You can find the hair as a promotional freebie on market place by Alice Project.

Picture taken @ Ever After Stop # 2

Starting off West from my land since today's outfit is one of the girls that just set up shop there.  I land at OLala.  Looking around it seems as if the name suits the place.  Lots of provocative clothing, many sold as full outfits with outfit and slink shoes included.

There is a section for slink shoes with cute corset ribbon down the side. Also they have a section of mesh tops that can be purchased alone. Along side a rack of pants available.

It seems if you join the free group that you get a discount on the full outfits. If you have a mesh body make sure that that particular outfit is supported by your mesh body.  As some don't have appliers.

Speaking of being a group member.  If you go upstairs there are lucky chairs and a Midnight Mania board.  The target for the MM board is really low with an awesome outfit.

Paid for something but didn't receive it?  They have 2 redeliveries down stairs.  There are so gift cards to hand out to your friends.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

While I was calling a MM board for the last location I met one of my readers, her name is EverAfter, so she is the inspiration for the next spot. Landing in Ever After a dark fairytales & fantasy roleplay.

This role play is for 18+ where yes kiddies sex happens.  Only approved characters access rp areas.  As vistors you can cam around from allowed spots but until your approved you're on the sidelines.

How do you get an approval for your character.  Check out http://everafter.enjin.com.  List of inspirations: Grimms' Fairy Tales, Charles Perrault's Tales, Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Huntsmen, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Beauty and the Beast, Maleficent, other myths and horrors.  Applications must go through the website above.

At the starter point there are some hanging scrolls where you click and you get a notecard.  Basic Lore/Setting, Roleplay Guidelines, Allowed Species, FAQ, Wanted Characters/In gereal, Wanted Characters/Ongoing Storylines.  It's best to read each one before considering to participate. Also, ever want to live in a fairytale environment? They also have rentals. Look for information across from the scrolls.

As I was going around looking for the perfect place to take a pic, which this sim has many.  I took what was my favorite pic and noticed the last 2 days I've had the "Show Color Under Cursor" numbers on my pics.  I had no idea how to get them off, so I went to the trusty SLFO group and asked how to get rid of them.  I think Krystalyn my niece was messin with my laptop while I was in the other room.  Anyway a real nice person Ms. Woodford told me what and how to fix my problem. Thank you Ms. Woodford =-).

Anyway the sim as tons of fairytale items around with tall castles, and even a village to wander through.

** Lag Rating: 2

East takes me to Sofa Sub.  Which is a BDSM furniture store. Landing you walk down an aisle of human statues you can have on your land.  Some of them have signs that say for sale signs   Some of them you an sit on.

There are some tables, glass cases, love seats, and lounges downstairs. Everything is RLV active it seems.  Take the elevator upstairs for more goodies. Once I get in I see that you come in on the 00 floor.

Next floor, 01, has erotic art, gestures,.  Floor 02 has stripper poles, sofas, doll boxes, rugs, dog house, amputee caps. & slave trophy.  And there are more floors but their empty.

** Lag Rating: 2

Next up is The Playpen, a voyeur hang out..  Once you land, you need to walk through mall following the red arrows to lead you to the right area. On your journey through the mall you'll be accompanied by orgies and other sex acts scattered about.

Then you come up to a big black board.  If you want to work there as an Escort, you must purchase a board to escort here as no freelancing is allowed.

Once you make it to the main attraction you have 2 choices.  Either to go to the sex rooms or the voyeur lounge.  Since it was straight ahead I went to the Sex Rooms first.  Each wall to separate the rooms are only 3/4 long. And there are big windows in the walls.  Right in front of the beds are big picture windows with stools outside for others to watch the entertainment. The walls are covered with explicit pictures of RL acts.  Looks like each room has a theme BDSM, orgy room, office, barely legal, and duel bedroom.

Before or after your fun head over to the lounge.  If you ever wanted to get banged on a bar, this place has got a great bar with many sex animations.  There's a whole string of strip poles with chairs in front of them that give lap dances up to 3 people.  They also have 2 Sex TV's up you can watch while you're checking out the dancers.

I've met some nice people on this stroll, one at the Ever After place and then right now a dancer @ The PlayPen.

** Lag Rating: 2

Since I was already on the top of the main map I had to go Northwest of it and land on Black Label Menswear.  At the entrance they have 2 gifts out and a reminder that Menstuff hunt will be June 1st guys!

And if you're looking for an alternative rock radio for your land, they have their own stream (http://streaming.radionomy.com/BlackLabelFM).

Scanning around the store I am astound by the quality of the men's clothing.  It has great real life looking textures.  Lots of the items have not only the 5 standard sizes but fitted mesh.  I'm definitely dragging Kai here when he logs on lol.

The clothing is nicely priced.  When you see guy stuff around if you do which is rare.  They rape the shit out of men, but not this place.  With detailed cargos, leather jacekts, chaps, and casual wear.

This shop has something that others do not.  They have a Multi-T System. Use any Multi-T hud with any item that has the Multi-T logo on the ad.  If you walk furthest right you will see the inexpensive expansion huds, each one adds 8 more shirts.  Being able to switch out any T-shirt with different jackets to create you're own look.

There are 5 huds to purchase.  Biker, Gangsta, Dark colors, Light colors, & USMC Designs.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure...

~ JL


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