Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Adventure 98

A few days ago I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Coull Creations. She gave me a few items to blog.  This is the one that drew my eyes first. A mesh leather dress.

I went scouting for some new hair.  It's been a while since I've done that since I'm blessed to be one of the  bloggers for Tameless.  Which happens to be my favorite hair store.  Another place that has great hair is Dela.  Where I picked this hair up at.  I'm really digging the intense red they have.

Then I was noticing that my poses were starting to play out so I headed to Purple Pose and picked up the pose for this stroll.

Picture taken @ Boyeurism Stop # 5

Starting off Northwest at Nadine's Dirty Fuckbunker.  Lordy do I love all the creative names people come up with lol.  As you land behind you on the wall of what looks like an underground bunker, hence the name is the rules.  Basically use all the things you learned in Kinderguarden like be nice, no is no, no pushing.  Also no Bloodlines, push to talk, no gestures, nothing causing lag, escorts or advertising.

Dirty, garbage scattered everywhere.  Mixed with stripper poles, sex scenes, grungy bathrooms to have sex in.  Behind the landing place there is a door that says Prison.  That will teleport you to the prison.  A room that has a few cell rooms and a few rubber rooms.

Upstairs they have more couches, pool table, chairs, hell you can even fuck on the arcade game. Cages, RLV, orgies, 3somes, sex bar and if getting pissed on your thing they have that too.

Both floors are covered in vivid erotic photography.

** Lag Rating: 2

Flying South takes me to Zed Designs.  A store that has it all when it comes to fashion.  This place is huge and you can make you're way around the store by using the teleport system.  To bargains, mens, new releases, outfits, appliers, casual wear, club wear, footwear, cosmetics, beach wear, jewelry, formal and intimates.

If you join the free group you can get up to 25% off on items, but if you check out the bargains in the basement you can get up to 75% off.

Outside in the courtyard are redelivery terminals, table set to relax, and some gacha machines.  Although you can find gacha machines scattered throughout the store.

** Lag Rating: 2

Lets see we've had a little bit of naughty, some clothes, next up heading Southwest to Ee Oh's Palms & Creatures.

In my travels I see GORGEOUS sims.  And wonder where they go to get their stuff.  I may someday wanna fancy my own.  So I'm excited about the place.  The sim is basically a model sim, everything is set up like a nice relaxing sim.  A great place to take pictures at.  Then there's a section where you can purchase the items.

There's Buddha statues, Daruma doll, palm trees, shurbs, seasnakes, sharks, spotted rays, marlins, jelly fish, turtles, urchins, warms, tropical swarms, coral shrubs, anchors, fruit, ravens, snakes, bats, off sim, & eagles

There's a pathway hear the animals that take you to the other side of the sim.  This is where they have the Bamboo beach furniture like decors, massage tables, swings, rafts, fires, shells, bridges, indoor, Sims, huts & showers.

Wander around the land and there are more things to purchase like a lighthouse, and other buildings scattered around the sim.

** Lag Rating: 2

West takes me to another Fairytale type of sim.  It's called Enchanted Fantasies Forest.  They have some outstanding buildings scattered about. This place would be great to do fairytale role playing.

In some of the beautiful buildings there are small shops set up.  Or places that are planned to set up. In one of them they have a small club set up too, for dancing.

Yet another wonderful picture taking place.  Which reminds me I should update my photography sim notecard.

** Lag Rating: 2

I'm digging the last place.  North took me to Boyeurism a gay male strip joint.  I love gay men.  My best friends in RL are like Will & Jack got married.  Apparently that makes me Grace, hehe. Anyway.. back to the show.

Starting from the right there's a basketball court.  Then there's a room of games like Aught, Poker, Pool, Cards Against Humanity, Bowling Alley, Frootcake, Pentadee, & Greedy.

The sim is set up grungy and urban look.  With a beatdown int he alley, pose to piss.  And some roach coaches out for food.

Inside the strip club there are 2 set ups.  One is a stage with a red background and the other has a jungle background. The guys are very friendly here.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Until the next adventure.....

~ JL

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