Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Adventure 88

Love to run into new clothing stores. It's one of the newest places in the Discount Roulette family. They do not it out yet but I'll list i on the blog when they do. Curious I ran over there to check the place out.  I clicked the midnight mania board and it had this awesome shirt on it.  It's mesh and have 8 different colors to colors to choose from.

I know that I am a redhead 95% of the time.  This hair from Wasabi Pills is the exception.  It comes in fatpacks to get the color you desire.

A few weeks a go I was scanning marketplace and found this awesome skirt.  You can change different colors and textures of the textures.

Picture taken @ Howling Asylum Bayou Swamp  Stop # 5

First off I headed North to Action/Reaction Animations & Poses.  It looks like they are just starting off but the poses are very playful.  Most of the poses look like they are out of the movie The Notebook.  On the ground floor.

Upstairs you can find single poses.  The poses are copy only.

They also offer custom work.  Contact Horizon Obscure for prices and arrangements.

** Lag Rating: 1

Southeast of Action/Reaction Animations is Bukkake Bliss. When you land you walk through a tiny maze of shops that have space.  Once you make it through that there's a pretty land set up for adult fun.

There are a few camping areas around oil barrel bonfires.  In the main area they have things up for a public gangbang and a pretty fountain.  Also they have a stripper pole with a few chairs out for viewing.

Outside they have a few more stripper poles and furniture about.  Along a with a pool table you can fuck on. Be care there are traps around.  There are a few weirder things here like a dog or pig you can fuck.

Games are scattered around to like Simopolis, Skippo, Greedy, On-A-Roll, Cards Against Humanity & Duck Hunt.

There's a smaller building where you can make use of your RLV.  Plenty of BDSM toys to play with. Upstairs they some hidden beds for a bit of privacy.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

West of Bukkake Bliss is Commune Utopia.  The purpose of the sim is to experience a happy hippy community.  A true 60's boho life with conversation, music & love.  With over 1600 members.

There are plenty of places to cuddle and smooch, get to know new friends and possible lovers.  They are very friendly and inviting.

The sim is split up in 3 islands, one for dancing, next is art, and the last is for cuddling.

** Lag Rating: 2

Leaving Commune Uptopia Northwest to Surge a full permission mesh building items.  With building modelings, towers, stairs, windows, fencing, aynnings, and decorations for your home.

Other things available are beds, closets, towels, baths, kitchen tables,  kitchen counters, and door frames.  They even have things for your gardens like wheel barrels, gazebos, and garden furniture..

** Lag Rating: 2

Finishing the day out @ The Fuck.  If your looking for hardcore BDSM & public humiliation this is your place.

The building is scattered with interesting and different BDSM toys although it has an older feeling to it..  With chains and torture rack helping fulfill some of the darker fantasies of SL.

Also there is erotic art scattered around the walls.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure...

~ JL


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