Sunday, May 17, 2015

Adventure 94

Well its that time again.  It's the 16th and that means I'm digging into my inventory to check out what I've collected through the last month.  A few of these have been give to me by some fellow adventures.

I got this outfit a few weeks ago on the Midnight Mania board at Dumb Blond.  Now they have something else up but the outfit is still for sale.  It comes with a few different options to wear it and boots.

Yesterday I went to Tableau & Vivant to check on the group gift hair they had out.  But I realized they changed the hair out.  So the one I'm wearing today is the new gift out.

Picture taken @ Shovehead & Rusty Needle Tattoos Stop # 5

When I landed at Ben's Beauty & Boutique & Hair Style I was expecting make up, clothes and hair. But it looks like they are in the middle of putting their shop up.  There are tons of great hair that is only 200L for a fatpack of colors.

I have a feeling that you will want to come check this place out again in like a month or so.

If you're a member of the group which is free you can pick up a Pocahontas hair do.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

So I was able to get one store done before my man jumped on.  We had a wedding to attended tomorrow so we got side tracked getting our attire ready.  I have a feeling that it will be a while before I can continue the stroll.

It's past midnight now, but this stroll is still for the 16th lol.And on with the show.

The next location is Arcturus VI - Space Outpost.  Arcturus is a roleplay area with a scifi/futuristic theme.  This location was giving to me by the sim owner next door that I did a piece on, Dark Alley.

Before you make your way down the corridor, there's a vendor set up where you can purchase body armor and other items from ASI.

Right before you make it to the teleporter that will take you down to the land, there's a big blue band that lets you know you must be taller then the line to enter.  Crossing that there's a big room with some shops open and circulars the teleporter.

This is the place that shared the OOC lounge with  Dark Alley. Which is to the right of the teleporter.

When you click the teleporter it gives you several different locations to explore this Rape & jail roleplay sim.  You can choose from Slave Pens, Slums, Throne Room, Main Dome, Residential, Security, Alien Sector, Cargo Bay, & Habitat Dome.

So I start off at the Slave Pens.  Beam me up Scotty!  Going in there each cell which doesn't have walls has a grungy sex equipment in each sell.

Going from the Slave Pens to the Security section.  There's a bunch of desks, and behind the main desk there is a futuristic beams that you can't get out.

Down the hall from the Security section there's the Science Lab.  There are small rooms sectioned off with beds you lay on.  Each one has different equipment to probe your body.

Towards the end of the hallway there is the residential area. Where you can purchase room for 150L a week.  There are 5 open spots available.

At the end of the residential area there's an underground subway.  Be careful as people maybe lurking to take advantage of you.

Across the way is the Habitation Dome.  Where you can look down on the waterfall, statue & landscape.  Along with a what looks to be a table.  Which is set to do orgies, lesbian, gay & more group fun.

Going into the Ops Center you climb some stairs and you come to the I guess you would call hub of the ship.  "Number 2 strip your clothes!" I would assume would work for this room.

Next up is the Cargo/Hanger bay.  Where you can even sit inside the the ship depending on where you are  depends what you can do inside.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

Through my journey I have met several nice people.  I started posting my strolls on Facebook. Where I have met many supportive people.  And a few people hand me landmarks of places to check out. One of the great people I met is a gentleman named Clive.  He gave me the location of the next sim.

Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh is an interactive gallery which changes exhibits frequently too keep it fresh.

To view the next location of Lobby Cam by Bryn Oh properly you need to grab the Hud for free. Each time you find a diary page which is scattered across the sim you will need the HUD to read.

Your windlights should change.  Not working? Use the menu bar to find World then Region details. Make sure your windlights automatically change with region. Also make sure you have media to auto play.

Some of the region changes blow wind.  Which can make the sim laggy for some computers.  Try the 7 day trial of SL Go.

The walls are scattered with what looks like oil paintings. They are very nice paintings of landscape scenes.  Once you go through the big room you land on.  Walk down the hallway to a smaller room. If you look at the wall here the lady is looking at the painting the wall will break way.

If you click onto the paintings it automatically zooms into the picture so you can get a better look.

Walking through the wall, you will come across a wheat field with a rustic western look.  With a broken down train tracks. Some caboose and some wheat barrels.

** Lag Rating: 2

The next location is The Drankensberg Mountains.  Thanks to Clive once again for this location. When you take the landmark you wind up in the small box.  With pretty pictures of mixed of SL and RL.  You must have a group tag to enjoy the sim.  Just as I was about to begin, Kai logged back on. So we were able to experience the sim together.

The Drankensberg Mountains is the mountain range in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  Once you take the tag and telelport below you land in the middle of a small village. Where there's logs around a makeshift campfire.  And dancing in the moonlight.  There are a few animals about as well.

Going past that you walk along the trail making your way to a hut where it has a rug inside to have some intimate time. Crossing the stream you can find more huts, with animals and other daily things scattered across the area around the huts.,

As I was wandering around looking for a place to take the location pic, I got startled by a hoard of Elephants just kicking it at the waterfall.

And don't forget to look for the dancing opportunities scattered across the gorgeous landscape.  And a few hot scenes scattered as well.  Unfortunately Kai was pulled away to RL so I'm off to the next location solo.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Last location of the day was giving to me by a friend.  They knew I dug the rocker look, so they directed me to a place called Shovehead & Rusty Needle Tattoos.

Teleporting there, I land in the middle of the building, surrounded by different departments.  So since I'm such an advocate for male fashion I think I'll start there.

Inside you can find high quality mesh male clothing.  Lots of leather clothing.  Which jackets, gloves, chaps, leather pants & skull caps. This place is decently priced.  For any biker on a budget.

They also supply clothing for the Aesthetic Mesh Bodies. Which I would assume would be a new male mesh body.  This gives me a perfect chance to do a small rant.  I need to stress that the male mesh heads look like shit.  They turn the guys all into 20 year old boys.  And no matter what skin you use, they all look the same.  Now everyone knows I'm an advocate for system bodies.  And yes I know the argument, edges better for pictures yeah yeah yeah.  But really the mesh male heads look like hell. Rant over.

Crossing over to the other side is the Woman's section. A lot of the outfits are done in mesh, and don't come in just the outfit.  You get shirt, pants, shoes, necklaces.  Some items even come with several pair of pants.  And even some are fitted mesh clothing.

They also have a separate section for Heels, Boots, Dresses & New Releases.

And today to finish the day out I go check out what kind of tattoos they have @ Rusty Needle Tattoo. Which I think is an awesome name for a tatt shop.  You can get tatts for you're hip, thighs, calves, chest,  skull, face.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

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