Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Adventure 95

Well I started off wearing the newest release by Tameless.

Picture taken @ Bound Elegance Stop # 4

But when I went Northwest to my first location I landed on Skinny Dip Inn.  There's a big platform that you can purchase items from many different designers.  To get on on the beach you must be either be in a bikini or naked.  So I changed into a bikini I got a long time ago from 1Hundred.  If you don't have a swim wear you can get a bikini for ladies and shorts for men free here.

You can hang on the deck with the lined up towels with animations.  Or check out what's going on through the telescope.

This place is packed.  I was checking profiles for the hell of it and seeing that it seems to be a very newbie friendly place.

When you go past the sign you have 2 choices.  Either cross the bridge to the island or walk the strip of the beautiful scenery.

The have a few rules. No rocking your cock out, or which I would think would be a reason to go to a nude beach would to see over sized boobies.  But guess not here.  Also no escorting/prostitution.

They have loungers, campfires, gazebo, hot tub, hammocks, floaties, even a few Zyngo games on the beach.  Along with coves behind waterfalls for private moments.  With rugs, pools, and dancing.

Along the back side of the paradise are private residence. Please respect their place and leave the places alone. Some even have security orbs around their place.

If you went across the water using the bridge it will take you to the main lodge of the place.  They have rooms with useful beds, this sim is adult so nudity is encouraged.

This place looks like just my thing.  One of the rooms has a hooka set up & the beach have pot martini's.  So apparently the place is pot friendly.

The main house also has a pool with stools in them for a pool bar. Which is awesome.  Ever have the desire to be the cameraman or woman of a porn.  They even have a spot set up with a camera.  Time to start shooting people.

** Lag Rating: 3.5

I got pretty burnt after a long day so I logged off.  Waking up & trying again I couldn't log in. No idea why, so I just gave up.

Going through another long day, taking a nap & woot I could log on again.  Why do I tell you all this?  Because it's been 2 days since I posted & making an excuse for myself lol.

Running home and putting the new release back on after logging out on the beach.  I head down south to Just Posing.

A quaint pose shop on the right there's a place to tell you what events they are participating in.  On the left are a few gacha machines.  Next to those are 2 poses for both men and women if you wear the SL Frees & Offers group (secondlife:///app/group/601a412e-f210-e20c-2f01-e186b0ea4f42/about).

In the back room there are poses for men, women, M/F couple & friends.  The upstairs is empty, but they are under construction.  So checking back from time to time would be a good idea.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Next up is East of Just Posing is RockStar Babies,. So apparently today's theme is remodeling. If you're looking for clothes for your Zooby babies or kids check this place out before they move.

There are 2 buildings here.  Straight ahead is the Rockstar Babies.  You can either join the group which is 90L or the scribo.  If you're part of the group click the raffle sign to win prizes.  Also there is a boy and girl group gift out.

They also participate in an event called Bargains 4 Babies & Just for Babies & Zooby Bargains. There are 4 outfit out for these groups.

This place is pretty divided.  Where they have a good amount for both boys and girls.

I know nothing about the baby thing.  But they have things called Rezzers upstairs.  Bibs.  And little scenes like Game Time and painting pictures.

Next building over is Rockstar Kids.  This group is free.  You will receive group gifts & discount on purchases.

Cute little fashions for the Zooby children.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Bond Elegance is the next location after I went Southeast.  A well put together elegant place to play out your BDSM fantasy.  Where men come in suits and to find the more elegant women.

Upstairs is very upscale designed room.  With plenty of chairs for masters.  And toys to sit in the middle for viewing. They also have dancing & DJ's.

They have 2 games in the main room as well.  Cards Against Humanity & Greedy.  Which you can turn any game sexual. Maybe the winner gets a blowjob lol.

There are a few rooms, one seems to be an orgy room. Along with an indoor pool, and spa.  You can find an elegant table you can dance on and receive tips.  Perhaps sitting at a bar watching is you're thing.  They have that too.

There's a secret basement where all the toys are at if you can find the right book to open the bookshelf.  Once you find the right book the shelf opens and it leads you down to a set of stairs. Making the way to the bottom there are BDSM toys everywhere.  With places to be tied up, caged, and stick walls.

On the left this is a cave entrance.  It turns into an underwater
ant farm.  Which I just love.  Sometimes it branches out where there are cuddle spots. It's so big I got lost lol.  It would take a day just to make it through them all.

If you make it upstairs you can check out the well put together vendor buildings in a lavish outdoor setting.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Heading West to the last location, Ravenlock Pokemon Sim. When you land on the sim there is a big information board that gives you several groups to decide to join.  There's a big sign if you click gives you a folder to help you get started.

In the folder you get 3 notecard to read.  They have a TOS notecard that tells you the have the right to limit access.  That they are Not-For-Profit sim meaning everything they make they put back inside the sim.  You can rent shops and homes on the sim.  And you have to act appropriate on the sim.  Pets are to be caught on sim and sold for no more then 75L.

Second notecard is Sim rules.  Starting off that this is a mature sim, not adult so keep your goodies hidden.  Don't rezz vehicles, weapons, magic huds, Dragonball Z huds, or any other heavily scripted items.

How do you get started?  The last notecard will tell you.  First you need the Ravenlock Role Play HUD. You'll need to use it to use the teleports to get to different places of the sim.  You are also able to start collecting Pokedollars to spend in some shops on the sim.  Second, get a thrower, either a free one or 50L for the Guardian thrower.

Once you have your thrower on you can purcahse refills in the thrower vendor or you can find free refills in the item balls you can flick on the sim.  Once you get refilled rez on ground and click box to reload refills.

Use you're pokeball with mouse look.  Then click left click to throw ball.

Run through the sim and collect your Pokemons.

** Lag Rating: 2

Until the next adventure....

~ JL

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