Saturday, May 30, 2015

Adventure 99

While I was calling an MM board earlier.  A designer that I blogged an item for quite a while ago asked me if I blogged something else for them.  I just love when people ask me to blog for them.  She was sweet enough to let me pick anything in the store.  I grabbed this pink number. Me in pink yeah I know lol.  Anyway, any other designers that would like me to blog one of their outfits during a stroll which also goes on my fashion blog, please IM me.  We'll chit chat... OK cheap plug over lol.

Hairs from Wasbai Pills.  And fingernails are from Schoen off of Marketplace.

Picture taken @ Fallen Ones Realm Stop # 1

Starting off from Luna Designs, she's dead center of the map.  The first direction is North which takes me to a place called Fallen Ones Realm. They welcome Vampires, Lycans, Dragons, Monsters, Elven, Mythological creatures, Spirits, Devils, Demons, Succubus, & humans.

You can purchase Bloodlines blood bottles, moonshine bottles & cinder bottles in the tavern and pup Goblet of Fire & Thirsty Sheep.  They are located outside the club.

Petites, Gnomes, Faeries, Dwarfs, & Elves are not considered child avatars.  Although children avatars are not allowed as this is an adult sim.

They are always looking for new brothers and sisters to join their family. As they are a clan in bloodlines. They offer pleasure, support  and friendship.  If your interested in joining the family contact a royal member in the Church club the have their online panels on the wall.  Just IM them.

They have a great nature land.  Full of animals roaming the land.  Along with the animals, there is a sign that says Carnival, passing through you better have your guns cause you'll be attacked by zombies.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

The next place takes me West from Fallen Ones Realm, AnnaBelle Fashion. Where you can check out bikinis, swim suits, tops, dresses, and pants.

Each item is handcrafted with no templates.  You will not find these designs anywhere on marketplace other then her own shop on there. Many of the items come in several colors to choose from.  Check out their marketplace for of their fashions

** Lag Rating: 2

Southeast is the next direction of the next location, Grease Monkey. This is a rock club.  There a big spinning white box with the club logo on it where you can apply to work here as a dancer, DJ or host.
This place is also Bloodline friendly.  Right inside the door to the left you can pick up some items for the bloodline., along with updates.  You can get stuff for The Rage & The Thirst

Besides the garage filling with rock music there is dancing, stripper poles up on car lifts.  The main stage is a Mac Truck open flatbed.  The place is over 24 hours a day and hold events every weekend from 6 to 8 SLT.

** Lag Rating: 2

From the rock club to furniture.  La Galleria has an awesome outdoor set up.  Very original and easy to get around.  They were nominated for the 2015 avi choice award.

Their textures are natural.  And their furniture makes SL become more RL. The way they set up model homes they have the house set up as if you were furnishing the house yourself.  You can walk through the houses and purchase the furniture set that is set up.  Just purchase the box next it and it is yours.  Some of the packages have discounts like if you purchase the home you get a discount on the bathroom.

The houses are made of mesh and most of them come with outside pools.

Something that is really interesting to me, at least I haven't seen it yet. Is they have a thing called Dinner Party.  Where you purchase a Dinner Party and they have settings for 2 to 6 people.  They have additional food you can purchase.  That is easy to install into the dinner party table.  The food is highly detailed.  Touch fork, wine glass or roll and they will fly to your avatar.  It even comes with different china and place mats,  If you're looking to get to as close to reality in SL as you can this would be the place for you to do it.

** Lag Rating: 2.5

Today's last place is Bundy Reef Surf Community.  I landed on this wooden dock where you can dance with your other, or check out the map of the land.  The map will show you the Paddle Race Course route through the reef.

Full of sand, palm trees, cuddle spots, dance places and of course waves..  Grab your board, surfs up! I don't know how to surf so I'll just sit up in the lifeguard chair and watch the hottie bodies surf.

Woot I learned out to surf.  There are 4 poles, one has a seagull standing on it.  There are 2 surfboards, one is silver and one is black. If you click the board it will rezz a board.  Once you get on the board just use your arrows to go forward.  Hit a wave and it stands you up. And your surfing baby.

** Lag Rating: 1.5

Until the next adventure....

~ JL


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